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gay love scene in cinderella

A production of Cinderella on Ice had its premiere in Melbourne on Tuesday, and audiences were treated to a “gay love sequence” performed by skaters Andrei Benikov and Yuri Salimanov.

The surprise sequence has “pro-family” groups up in arms and gay groups cheering:

“Mr Mercer said his updated version of Cinderella, which replaces the role of the prince with the mayor’s son and the fairy godmother with a gypsy, enabled modern audiences to better identify with the characters. And gay couples are part of contemporary society, he said. ‘I don’t think there is anything offensive about including a gay couple,’ Mr Mercer said. ‘You see them day in, day out on the street.’ Australian Families Association national secretary Gabrielle Walsh said the gay dance, by skaters Yuri Salimanov and Andrei Benikov, was inappropriate. ‘We need to protect our children. They don’t need to grow up any quicker,’ Ms Walsh said. Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce said the surprise inclusion of gay lovers was out of place in an audience of young children. ‘They are making children’s lives more complicated before they need to be,’ he said.”

A children’s advocacy group had a different perspective. Said its CEO: “It’s helpful as a way of breaking down prejudices.”

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broadway erotic gay show

This year’s Broadway Bares is the 18th edition with the theme of Alice in Wonderland was held on Sunday night at Roseland Ballroom in NYC.

This years event managed to raise a staggering $874,372.00 for the burlesque bebefit for Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights Aids Charity

With a big boost from event sponsor M·A·C AIDS FUND, on Sunday, June 22nd, two performances of Broadway Bares XVIII: Wonderland raised $874,372 – a new record and more than $130,000 above 2007’s total of $743,787.

Since its inception in 1992, when Tony Award®-winning choreographer and director Jerry Mitchell – then in the ensemble of The Will Rogers Follies – put six of his fellow dancers up on the bar at an infamous “watering hole” in New York City’s Chelsea district and raised $8,000 for Broadway Cares, the 18 editions of Broadway Bares have grown beyond all expectations, raising more than $5.7 million for BC/EFA.

From such hot and humble beginnings, a now legendary event was born. Over 5,500 people attended this year’s shows atthe Roseland Ballroom with over 2,900 in attendance for the 9:30 performance, followed by a second wide-eyed crowd of over 2,500, raising the roof in the name of flesh and fancy at the midnight show. Ticket sales, from VIP to general admission, contributed $457,180 to the impressive total.

On with the show! Off with their clothes!

Drawing upon Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland, Broadway Bares: Wonderland opened with a chorus of English schoolmates and featured a wealth of twisted and nearly naked guests from beyond the looking glass, including, the “Queen of Hearts,” the infamous “Caterpillar,” the “Walrus and the Carpenter,” the “Dodo Bird” and “Mock Turtle,” along with such favorites as “the Cheshire Cat,” “White Rabbit,” a chorus of “Tweedledums and Tweedledees,” and, of course, young Alice, making her way through an orgy of unforgettable characters discovered down the rabbit hole.

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if you love being touched, be a male model

Gay candidate wins “Survivor” TV reality show

He was obnoxious and often times repugnant with his backstabbing and overly paranoid game play, but this weekend, at the age of 22, gay flight attendant Todd Herzog became the fifteenth winner to be declared the winner of Survivor.

Created for the United States audience in 2000, Survivor puts a group of willing Americans in a deserted location and pits them against each other to compete for a million dollars. The key is to outwit, outplay and outlast all of your competitors, and in the end, a juror of your ousted peers vote to award you the prize.

This season proved to be more entertaining than many recent runs of the show; a colorful cast of characters offering a feast for reality television lovers.

A gravedigger, a professional wrestler, a card shark and a lunch lady were all eliminated as Herzog, Amanda Kimmel, and Courtney Yates managed to make it to the final three, where Todd convinced the jury he was the most deserving player.

From the beginning, the slight-statured Herzog was an outspoken character who manipulated his alliances to kick off stronger players. In the end, he bested Yates by two votes and left Kimmel in third place.

He now joins the infamous Richard Hatch, who won the inaugural Survivor: Borneo season, as the only openly gay competitors to take home the top title, though several other gay folk have won cash.

Lunch lady Denise Martin lost her job after appearing on the show, and producer Mark Burnett awarded her with a consolation $50,000 prize for making it to the final round. Hottie James Clement earned the fan vote and took home $100,000 for his trouble.

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Dante Cove the hot shower scene

Desperate Houswives are back

They are back. Desperate Houswives of Wisteria Lane have surrendered cover Sunday evening in the USA. A first season a little too mollasson to launch a new plot.

Beware Spoilers.

Each girl has her secret and tries to retain it.

Susan, finally married to sexy-Mike, is anguished at the idea that he is not happy. One month after their marriage, she asked endlessly about this and nothing happens to reassure. Certainly not the announcement of his gynéco about his not-so-certain menopause …

Bree still claims to be pregnant in order to cover its couche-toi-là daughter, Danielle. Only the round belly attracts curious hands and … Skewers of barbecue. Why Bree holding both to cover her daughter? At the bend of a discussion with Orson, the motivations of Bree prove … Kindergartens.

Gaby is married. But not as she would like. Carlos and it is returned. Finally, that’s what she would like. Yes, but now, the attempted suicide of Edie delay things a bit. And if last season, Carlos ran after Gaby, this time there was much concern that it is beautiful to look beautiful ….

So yes Edie has attempted suicide. But what attempts! No it was not desperate at this point, it had all cleverly orchestrated. Only here. Everything does not always work as expected. Finally almost …

Lynette suffering from the consequences of his chemo, but she wishes to keep his cancer secret. Neither children nor girls should find out. However, if the school boys could find out, that the fix … Lynette courageous.

And they promise to be nice to say everything, and each one’s lips sealed on her secret. And this is not the arrival of an old neighbor who will put things right. Katherine Mayfair moves to Wisteria Lane. All that we know at the moment is that Susan and she is familiar with and that Bree and she will have trouble together. But the secret of Katherine, it will discover this season.