Rome mayor said Gay Pride Parade is a sexual exhibition

Rome’s newly elected right-wing mayor, former neo-fascist Gianni Alemanno, dismissed the Gay Pride event as a “sexual exhibition” and said the city would make sure the event did not offend anybody, Italian media reported Wednesday. “I respect homosexual people, I know a few and I am not saying this out of discrimination,” said Alemanno. “But I fear that Gay Pride is something else, an act of sexual exhibition, and I am opposed to all form of exhibition, homosexual or heterosexual.” Last year’s Gay Parade in June drew tens of thousands of people and was organised by 50 or so associations and left-wing political parties. Now, as new mayor elected April 28, Alemanno announced Gay Pride would be up for debate at the municipal council so as to “find a formula that doesn’t offend anyone.” “We knew the Italian right, the worst in Europe, didn’t like this demonstration,” said left-wing former deputy Franco Grillini. He added: “For the right, a good homosexual is one who hides and does not defend his rights.”

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