Fired Priest: No ‘Gay Lobby’ in Vatican

“I met homosexual priests, often isolated like me … but no gay lobby,” Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa (pictured above) told an Italian TV station in an interview broadcast Sunday, reports Agence France-Presse. Charamsa was fired from the Vatican press office just weeks ago after speaking to an Italian newspaper about his identity and his relationship.


Earlier in 2013, Pope Francis told a group of Latin American church leaders that there is indeed a “gay lobby” in the Vatican. A report commissioned by the previous pope, Benedict XVI, alleged there was a Vatican-connected gay network that met in and around Rome.


“There exists a convent where priests who manifest inappropriate sexual tendencies are sent to reflect,” 44-year-old Mario Bonfanti told the newspaper. “It’s a place where they help you to rediscover the straight and narrow. They wanted to ‘cure’ me but I refused to go.”


Catholic officials acknowledged the existence of the convent outside Milan, but would not address the specific nature of the issues addressed at the Venturini Convent.


“Priests come to us for a period of formation and personal reflection. At the moment we have neither gay priests nor pedophile priests here,” Father Gianluigi Pasto, 71, the head of the convent, told U.K. newspaper The Telegraph. “Certainly our job is to welcome everybody.”

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Zimbabwe Activist Vows to Fight for Gay Rights Despite Mugabe Broadside


“Despite all these challenges and the speech by President Mugabe on Monday at the United Nations against gays, I will continue to fight for the rights of all our members,” said Samba.


“I feel honoured to be recognized for the work we are doing in Zimbabwe, although the road has not been easy but like any other person in the country we also want our basic human rights respected,” said Samba.


He said his father confronted him asking why he was a member of that organisation prompting him to share his secret and come out.


“After I came out my family was very supportive and have been ever since. I feel free to live the life I have always wanted to without fear of rejection or condemnation from those close to me. I no longer get questioned about why I prefer men or am not married yet,” said Samba

Transgender community.


Samba said he would be in the U.S capitol Washington, Wednesday to conduct meetings with organisations fighting for gay rights and other officials, before returning to Zimbabwe.

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Dallas police is searching for hate crime perpetrator after gay pride parade

According to the police reports, a man was attacked and robbed after the gay pride parade, on Sunday night. They are in active search for any valid information about the perpetrator, which attack was classified as a hate crime.


The incident occurred after the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, which crowded thousands to Oak Lawn’s Cedar Springs neighborhood on Sunday to provide support to the LGBT people.


The victim of dreadful attack, who is 29 year old, was walking to his friend’s place when he was attacked by group of four men at the intersection of Sylvester Street and Wycliff Avenue, after the gay pride parade, at about 9:15 p.m.


Police reported that the group of attackers used baseball bat, and their hands and feet, and stole his belongings.


The victim was later hospitalized with life-threatening injuries of fractured skull, a lot of cuts, bruises and abrasions. The doctors are saying that the victim is in stable condition at the moment.


Police reported that during the horrific assault, suspects were yelling “numerous derogatory statements referencing the victim’s perceived sexual orientation”, and that they are considering this to be a hate crime.


Anyone who hold any informations about the attack, or have any video evidence, is asked to report to Detective Arredondo at 214-671-3638.

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Ukraine Getting Closer to Visa-Free EU Travel as Gay Rights Bill Passes

Ukraine’s parliament failed for the second time to adopt a ban on anti-gay discrimination in the workplace, though it did vote in five other laws needed to secure visa-free travel to most EU nations.


The European Union in 2010 demanded that Ukraine clearly define the rights of gay people, who were viewed by the country’s former Soviet rulers as criminals who should either be sent to prisons or mental wards, at work.

Though Ukraine is now run by a pro-EU administration, it remains a deeply religious and conservative country.

Kiev decriminalised gay relationships a year after the Soviet Union’s 1991 breakup but it still takes a grim view of same-sex couples.

A gay pride parade held near Kiev in June lasted just minutes before a far-right group attacked it without any apparent intervention from the police.

Brussels wants Ukraine, which overthrew its former Moscow-backed leadership last year, to adopt a raft of legislation that takes a tougher approach on corruption and ensures broader basic rights.

Time is running out because an EU commission will review in mid-December whether Kiev has done enough to merit visa-free travel by the middle of next year.

Western-backed President Petro Poroshenko has made joining the Schengen zone, a club of EU countries that allows visa and passport-free travel to more than 400 million people, one of his priorities since his election last year.

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Why the ‘Best Gay Bar in the World’ Is Here to Stay

Gay bars and clubs had always played a part in the gay rights movement, starting with Stonewall and later simply as gathering places. Even in 1991, the gay bars of the day were secretive. They were places mostly only other gay people socialized. They were hidden behind black curtains and smoked glass. You had to be so secretive to enter the bar. It was considered embarrassing if you were seen.


When we moved to our current location, I had an opportunity to do something different. We had an outdoor patio that was open to the street and adjacent to a park. People could see us as they went by, day or night. That was a radical idea for a gay bar at that time. I tried to make the Abbey nice and upscale, so it was a place where you could bring your non-LGBT allies and they would feel comfortable. I am always traveling, looking for different ideas that we can amplify with our own twist to help us stand out.


People like to ask me what the Abbey means to the community. It means different things to different people. It is an establishment where you spend an afternoon with your friends, meet the love of your life, get over your ex, bring your parents, plot a political movement, meet your favorite celebrity, have a great cocktail, support a cause you believe in, dance the night away, go to your first gay bar, or do all of those things in one day. To me, the Abbey is my home. It’s where I always want to be. If you want to find out what the Abbey means to you, I will be here, working to make sure you have a great time.

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Chriss Brown bailed out from Gay Pride Event

On saturday night at The Georgia Freight Depot nightclub, huge party was hosted by Traxx Girls, a lesbian-owned company. Expecting to be about 4,000 women at the party, on Traxx’s promotional flyer Chris Brown was featured as “special surprise guest”. He was not supposed to perform on the event, just to show up and introduce artist Teyana Taylor.

LGBT community paper, the Georgia Voice, reported that Chris Brown canceled scheduled appearance at the Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend event. The supposed reason for it was that the party was labeled as “the biggest girl party in the country”, and also had small attendance of gay men.

Founder of Traxx Girls, Melissa Scott, told the Voice that she was texting with his team, and they told her to remove Brown’s promotional picture from website because he looked “too feminine”. Also, interesting thing about it was that he took that picture.

Still trying to figure it out how Chris Brown knew there were gay men in the audience? And why performing in front of lesbians is totally alright, but for gay men it is not possible?

Chris Brown tried to defend himself over tweeter stating that he didn’t knew about the event, his people never confirmed it, and the show wasn’t booked at all.

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AFRIKAANS : geseënde Kersfees

ALBANIAN : gëzuar Krishtlindja

ALSATIAN : gleckika Wïanachta

ARABIC : miilaad majiid

ARMENIAN : Shnorhavor Surb tsnund

BASQUE : Eguberri on

BELARUSIAN : З Божым нараджэннем (Z Bozym naradzenniem)

BENGALI : subho baradin

BOSNIAN : sretan Božić

BRETON : Nedeleg laouen

BULGARIAN : весела коледа (vesela koleda)

BURMESE : Christmas nay hma mue pyaw pa

CATALAN : bon Nadal

CHINESE : 圣诞快乐 (shèng dàn kuài lè)

CORSICAN : bon Natale

CROATIAN : sretan Božić

CZECH : veselé Vánoce

DANISH : glædelig jul

DUTCH : vrolijk Kerstfeest

ESPERANTO : gojan Kristnaskon

ESTONIAN : häid jõule

FAROESE : gleðilig jól

FINNISH : hyvää joulua

FRENCH : joyeux Noël

FRISIAN : noflike Krystdagen

FRIULAN : bon nadâl

GALICIAN : bo Nadal

GEORGIAN : Ahali tseli

GERMAN : frohe Weihnachten / fröhliche Weihnachten

GREEK : kala christougenna / kala xristougenna

HAITIAN CREOLE : jwaye nowel

HAWAIIAN : mele Kalikimaka

HEBREW : christmas sameakh (barely used)

HINDI : Krismas ki subhkamna

HUNGARIAN : boldog Karácsonyt

ICELANDIC : gleðileg jól

ILOCANO : naragsak a paskua

INDONESIAN : selamat Natal

IRISH GAELIC : Nollaig shona

ITALIAN : buon Natale / gioioso Natale

JAPANESE : meri kurisumasu

KABYLIAN : assegass amegass

KOREAN : seun-tan chu-ka-hae-yo

KURDISH : Noela we pîroz be

LAO : souksan van Christmas

LATIN : felix dies Nativitatis

LATVIAN : priecīgus Ziemassvētkus

LIGURIAN : bun Denâ / bun Natâle

LITHUANIAN : su Kaledoms

LOW SAXON : vrolik Kersfees

LUXEMBOURGEOIS : schéi Chrëschtdeeg

MACEDONIAN : sreken Bozik

MALAGASY : tratry ny Krismasy / arahabaina tratry ny Krismasy / arahaba tratry ny Krismasy

MALAY : selamat hari natal

MALTESE : il-milied it-tajjeb / milied hieni

MANX : Nollick ghennal

MAORI : meri Kirihimete

NORWEGIAN : god jul

OCCITAN : bon Nadal

PERSIAN : eydet mobârak

POLISH : Wesołych Świąt

PORTUGUESE : feliz Natal

ROMANIAN : un Crăciun fericit

RUSSIAN : C Pождеством (S rojdestvom)

SAMOAN : ia manuia le Kerisimasi

SARDINIAN : bona pasca’e Nadale (logudorese) / bona paschixedda (campidanese)

SCOTTISH GAELIC : Nollaig chridheil

SERBIAN : srecan bozic

SHONA : krisimas yakanaka

SINDHI : Chrismas joon wadhayoon

SLOVAK : vesele vianoce

SLOVENIAN : vesel božič / vesele božične praznike

SOBOTA : dobro dedek

SPANISH : feliz Navidad

SWEDISH : god jul

TAGALOG : maligayang pasko

TAHITIAN : ia orana e te noera

THAI : สุขสันต์วันคริสตร์มาส (souksaan wan Christmas)

TURKISH : Noeliniz kutlu olsun

UDMURT : Shuldyr Ymuśton

UKRAINIAN : Z Rizdvom Hrystovym

VIETNAMESE : Mừng Chúa Giáng Sinh

WALOON (“betchfessîs” spelling) : djoyeus Noyé

WELSH : Nadolig llawen

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