Will Young: stripped down to his underwear during raunchy gay show!

Will Young left fans stunned at a recent gig when he stripped down to his underwear during his set.

Will was performing at London’s G A Y to observe his chart-topping album 85% Proof when he turned up the heat by getting almost naked and slathered head to foot in coloured paint and confetti. The performance saw him by the end of the closing song in only his tight knickers and a team of male dancers.

Young afterwards proved he was far from a shrinking violet by sharing a string of before, during and after snapshots on social media.

Footage and the pictures went down nicely with his followers – both those fortunate enough to be there and those that had missed out – who took to express their gratitude.

“Seems amazing! one impressed Twitter said. Another wrote: “Can’t believe we spent all night at g-a-y and did not realise will Young was performing downstairs. “

The fearless statement comes after Young opened up about his fashion to reveal his love for dresses and skirts.

“My [fashion] discovery is dresses and skirts. Men can occupy a dress and skirt and actually end up looking more masculine. I promise. The catwalks have been awash with them for the past two years. I like to anchor a tea dress with boots, and I often throw a jacket on top so the look isn’t so in your face. A tea dress is very flattering for a bloke. The key is remembering to keep it manly.”

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Editor’s choice: Levi’s Underwear

Every man knows that you can’t have too many black briefs, ever. Especially when it comes to black briefs with a little flash.

Black briefs are like a safe bet for a date night, and they works just perfect as a pair for the daily grind. It is the best choice when you want to look good, and sexy, and not being too assuming. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief in Black got you covered. With a little red Levi’s logo, which gives that classic American vibe.

Looking for manly-man underwear? Don’t look further, Levi’s is known for making a lot of masculine and attractive pairs of underwear. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief is perfectly stylish, but in a classic way. Also, the red chain-stitch detail on the rare echoes the brand’s spirit of denim.

It’s the best if you pair them with a pair of Levi’s denim. It’s simply made perfect together. Either light wash pair, or darker shade of blue. You can go however you like, maybe try with a grey jeans to compliment the black underwear in a darker way? Looks great. Or maybe try to go for a timeless, classic look, like white t-shirt and leather jacket? Amazing! Add aviator sunglasses. Hot!

You can play around with styles, with Levi’s 200 Series Briefs, there is nothing that can go wrong.

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Camo Underwear is the most masculine print choice

Dressed in a full camouflage print, like a hunter, may not be really smart thing to do, but in small doses, for underwear, it gives really powerful punch. Hands down, camo print is the most masculine print you can find. It’s often incorrectly classified as unfashionable and little too niche. Take a look at this photos down below, and you can be sure that camo print can still be stylish and sexy.

Model, Shawn Alexander, did a photoshooting wearing six pairs of camo underwear. Looking hot and sexy in briefs, boxer briefs, thong, in two trunks and in a pair of long underwear. It doesn’t matter what type of underwear, you will be surprised of its manly-man style.

Forest green and muddy browns are the common camo print, associated to earth colors, but sometimes they can be given a trendy flare. With their clean design, they got more military aesthetic.

Wood, Diesel and Aware Soho all feature with underwear that is inspired by wilderness. Wood feature Digital Camo print with a black waistband and their trademark orange brand name looks just right on them. Diesel’s are the darkest one, and most likely the manliest you can get. Aware Soho camo underwear goes with a sporty twist around contrasting black with bold white text.

Here are the photos from photoshooting. Tell us what you think in comment section below.

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Plan your winter vacation with #ComingOutCuba

Winter is coming, and cold days are near. To get out the most of your winter vacation, you should consider destinations in warmer climate. If you like your vacations to be little diverse, to have a lot of fun, culture, gayness, travel, and debauchery, Cuba is just the right destination for you.


There are two business that are excellent for gay cruises. Both, “Aquafest Cruises” and “Al and Chuck Travel” are offering a gay cruise package for January 2016, with last packages being sold out almost instantly.


If you want to get out the most of Cuban culture, and taste it in the best way, you should follow #ComingOutCuba.


On their website, they stated:


“ComingOutCuba – The National Cuban American LGBTQ Foundation will organize, activate, and engage a united Cuban-American community by restoring and building the gay Cuban culture and mobilize human and financial resources to care for those in need in South Florida and around the U.S.


ComingOutCuba vision is to reveal the gay Cuban culture pre-revolution while building a new one. It provides a platform for multicultural artists to exhibit and perform throughout the world, acts as a job placement agency for talented gay and Cuban artist while serving as a role model for the younger generation, and offers grants for education in the arts field.”

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Tighten your body with Cocksox Activewear

Winter and colder days are coming, and with that, some people tend to gain weight because they become less active. To keep your body tight, you need to bring your ally in support for hiking in those cold months. Your underwear can be your greatest friend, or your greatest enemy if picked incorrectly.

We present you with this CXA03N Briefs, that are made out of ultra-soft and breathable Supplex-Lycra® that will keep you cool during intensive workouts or hikes. A special pouch in this style, will support your manhood while not being bulky or constricting. Because of the high cut leg opening, you will gain extra mobility.

But, if you are someone who prefer different style that provides little more coverage, but still leave the major part of your legs free, you should check this CSX65 Boxer Briefs. The Y-front pouch will give you easy access while on a trail, and you will not need to pull them down when nature calls.

For those who are into cycling, mountain biking or even hiking, CSX93 Long Boxer style is way to go. This is all around the perfect option to avoid uncomfortable riding up, and the moisture wicking fabric is simply incredible for high activities.

As days are becoming colder and colder, to fight the cold weather your best ally is CXA91N Long John. Features Supplex-Lycra®, ultra-soft and breathable material that is just perfect for warmth and support during cold weather activities.

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5 Guys Chillin’: Review of the Theatre Play

“5 Guys Chillin’ “ has a great intention, and introducing the back stories of the characters to the audience would provide much more impact overall.


This is the second piece that the Kings Theatre & Pub has staged lately about chemsex. About the phenomenon of gay men using various drugs like crystal meth, mephedrone and GHB during sex. “The Clinic” was the last Patrick Cash’s impressive play.


Those two plays have similar approach. Peter Darney made his script from more than 50 hours of conducted interviews with guys on app like Grindr, talking about their experience with chemsex.


In the beginning, the characters quickly stripped off and went straight for the drugs and sex, injecting, fisting and other things, for about next 80 minutes of non-stop action.


At first, you can’t decide, if this is something real that is happening between gay people, or just a celebration of chemsex. And some of the stories are really graphic, and can inspire some moments of queasiness. But after some time, you actually realise that the Darney wanted to show the grim reality of what is actually going on during this chemsex sessions.


There are some very powerful and impressive moments in the play, like overdose. It was so powerfully staged, and the actors should be commended big time. The back stories of the characters are interesting, and for some complicating, and one of them even spends the whole show in a jockstrap. They play is explicit in every way, for sure.


Our rating for the 5 Guys Chillin’ is:


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Feel the breeze at the gym with this 6 Jock styles

Underwear can be a dealbreaker when it comes to going in the gym. It is very important that you get yourself a pair that will provide support, without movement restrictions, and that will keep you cool while going hard in the gym.

#1 Jack Adam Punter Bodyflex Jockstrap:

With a soft waistband, it will provide support and keep you comfortable while sweat is dripping. The contoured pouch will provide support and the mesh fabric will keep you cool.

#2 Andrew Christian BLOW! Bubble Butt Jock W/ Show-it:

If you like showing off in the gym, this is perfect for you. The Show-it hidden cup will add up to 1.5 inches, and people around you gonna be impressed. And the double jock back lifts and enhances your butt for the great view, and will give you support you need.

#3 aussieBum Sportscup:

Made out of a premium micro-fiber, stretchy, that gives maximum comfort, and contoured pouch will support you while working out. For your butt support, there are the back straps.

#4 Baskit Ribbed Jock Brief:

Wide ribbed material design and support, because of the stretchy material, it will provide maximum mobility.

#5 Pump! Sonic Jock:

To keep your member cool, the mesh cup will take care of it. The back straps will keep your butt looking awesome and perky.

#6 Freedom Reigns Body Sport Jockstrap:

To keep you boys cool, the mesh contoured pouch will handle it. And to add to the impression factor, it has an enhancing highlighted fit that will make you look amazing.

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Man in a short shorts was told to cover up by staff member at Disneyland

Anthony Gilét, the editor of Cocktails & Cocktalk, attended an unofficial “Gay Day” at a Disneyland resort in California. He was wearing a short shorts and oversized jersey. Just a few minutes after entering the Disneyland, staff member chased him down and told him to cover up, otherwise he would be asked by security to leave the park, saying that it was a “family park”.


Anthony wrote: “I didn’t want any drama – and certainly didn’t wanna get kicked outta Disney after paying $99 entry – so put on the longer shorts I had in my bag.”


He continued: “But the more I thought about it, I began to question. What exactly was the issue? Was it the fact that there was so much leg on show? Because there were countless girls walking around in booty shorts. How is it any different from a girl in those? Or even a dress? Was she asking women if they had anything on under their short skirts too?”


Anthony concluded: “I fully understand that my outfit was a bit unusual and apparently not conservative enough for Disney – but I’m struggling to see the issue. I wasn’t wearing an offensive slogan, and I had shorts on underneath that weren’t going to expose anything when I sat down.”


“What was the line that had been crossed?”

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Fun and Imaginative Underwear: Torio Glow in The Dark

Those who are starting to experience how our days are getting shorter and shorter, Torio is here to help you combat that seasonal depression.

Torio makes underwear that are just as much fun during the day as they are at night. They glow in the dark, in different pattern too! Awesome!

The brand’s designs are full of quirky caricatures and eccentric patterns. Torio Boxer Briefs are fun and imaginative all on their own. Certain hidden elements in their boxer briefs glow in the dark. Take a look at Torio Glow in the Dark Boxer Briefs are the Bandages Boxer Brief, with hidden glow in the dark scratches. As well as many other creative and hilarious designs.

The Dots Boxer Brief, with hidden glow in the dark stars.

The Bone Boxer Brief, which when in the dark spells out “YES”.

The Banana Boy Green Boxer Brief, with the word “TORIO” that glows in the dark.

The Snack Boxer Brief, which displays the word “Hungry” that glows in the dark.


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Get Ready For Cold Days: Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set

There is no better brand we can think of to supply a great thermal set than Tani. Thermals are meant to comfort and warm you, and the Tani Thermaluxe Thermal set does just that, except Tani takes its thermal wear to the highest caliber. The Tani Thermaluxe Thermal set is so exceptional that it’s a shame to think it will be hidden under your clothes.

The Tani Thermaluxe

This set features a newly innovated nylon, called Nilit™. Nilit™ is like insulation for your body and actually captures and conserves your body heat, warming you from the inside out. But you won’t break out in a sweat because the Superfine® weave that Tani also incorporates into their thermal set will naturally wick moisture away.

The Tani Thermaluxe is as thin as a second skin and one of the softest thermals you could ever hope for. This thermal set is so luxurious that although it will be meant for under your clothes, you’ll also feel just as comfortable lounging around the house in it on your days off. The Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set also sets itself apart from other thermals by including anti-bacterial and natural deodorant components.

Tell us what you think about the Tani Thermaluxe Thermal Set in the comments below.

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