This gay man was told he would get booted from Disneyland for wearing short shorts

A gay man was told he would get booted from Disneyland in Anaheim unless he changed his short shorts.

Anthony Gilét, who lives in London, traveled to California for the annual ‘Gay Days’ event.

The event is when thousands of LGBTI patrons visit the park with their families and identify themselves by either wearing red or a football jersey.

‘I was certainly wearing more than Ariel,’ he said on his website.

‘Within a few minutes of being inside the park, a member of staff chased us down, before asking “do you have anything on under that top?”

‘So I told her yes, and showed her the shorts I had on underneath. To which she replied, “OK… Because it gives the impression that you have nothing on underneath. Do you have a change of outfit, because if not, security may remove you from the park.”

She said that: ‘It’s just that it’s a family park’.

Gilét, who paid $99 (€88) to go in, put on a longer shorts on his bag as he didn’t ‘want any drama’.

‘What exactly was the issue? Was it the fact that there was so much leg on show?’ he asked afterwards.

‘Because there were countless girls walking around in booty shorts. How is it any different from a girl in those? Or even a dress? Was she asking women if they had anything on under their short skirts too?’

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Gay party gone wrong in Edo

Gay party was organised in a hotel in Oben community, off Sapele road in Benin City on Tuesday night degenerated into a free for all over allegations that a partner belonging to a particular young man was caught in a compromised position with another male during the party.


It would be recalled that this Act sponsored by Senator Domingo Obende then representing Edo North Senatorial District was one of the few private sponsored bills and were passed and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan in the last Senate.


“We have been suspecting the management of this hotel for some time now because the last time some girls who are lesbians held a party here. We were shocked that no single male was in attendance.”

“But today, I wanted to go and buy a drink at the hotel when a young man walked up to me at the gate and told me that his people have taken over the place. I was shocked to notice that ‎he was putting on tight leggings and wearing red lipstick and wig, so I left the place immediately.”


“It was later in the night that we heard loud noise and saw some boys fighting over another boy thereby attracting the neighbourhood,” the source said.”

It was, however, gathered that before police men on patrol could arrive the scene, most of the boys had absconded.

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Margaret Cho wants to officiate same-sex marriage at Tucson show

Margaret Cho is not kidding when she says she wants to marry a Tucson same-sex couple at her Rialto Theatre show next month.

“If a Tucson couple would like me to do the ceremony, I am open to it,” Cho said during a phone call Wednesday to chat about her “There’s No I in Team But There a Cho in Psycho Tour,” that pulls into Tucson Oct. 18. “I ask them only to tweet at me using #MarryMeMargaret and I’m there for you.”

Cho is hoping to officiate gay weddings at all of her tour stops, but so far she’s only got a couple lined up for her San Francisco show Oct. 15. The tour kicks off in Michigan Oct. 1 and runs through Nov. 14 before she takes it to Europe for a month of dates through December.

Cho has been performing gay weddings since then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom “deputized” her in 2004, Cho said.

“I had Kim Davis’s job, essentially, but I actually did the job,” she said, referring to the controversial Kentucky county clerk who was jailed after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. “(Newsom) allowed me to perform wedding ceremonies in City Hall in San Francisco, which was the site of Harvey Milk’s assassination. It’s a very, very healing thing to go to the place that is literally the site of the most tragic moment in gay political history and do something like marry gay couples there.”

Cho will marry one couple during her show. Interested couples can click here for details on how to apply

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Tyley Posey Goes Skating In His Underwear

The 23-year-old actor stripped down to his skivvies to shred at the skatepark this morning. Some are asking why he felt the need to skateboard in his underwear, but we all know the answer. He knows what he’s doing.

We can add Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey to the list, who has long been a master of queer-baiting, and caused a bit of a sexy sensation when he stripped down to his underwear at the MTV Fandom Awards last month (pictured above).

Now we can add skateboarding in his undies and releasing footage of it on the web to the list of reasons Tyler is good at getting gay men and straight women salivating.

Posey posted a cheeky video to his Instagram for his all of his 1.6 million followers to see. “Getting in a little early morning undies sesh. Thanks Freshpark for hooking a brotha up,” he said in the caption. Of course, his fans are loving it. Just read some of those comments — the vid already has 64,000 of them.

You can take a look at the rather sexy short video below.

Getting in a little early morning undies sesh. Thanks Freshpark for hooking a brotha up

A video posted by Tyler Posey (@i_love_harveys) on Aug 24, 2015 at 9:27am PDT

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Listen to Surprised Stan Lee asking: “Is Iceman Really Gay?”

Iceman made his debut in The X-Men #1 back in 1963 and was created by artist Jack Kirby and co-creator Stan Lee.


Bobby Drake AKA Iceman came out as gay in Brian Michael Bendis’ All New X-Men #40, but it was something that no one told Stan Lee about.


The comic book legend was on BBC Radio 4 Today and the presenter informed him that Iceman had come out of the closet, much to his surprise.

“You telling me that, is the first I’ve heard that Iceman is gay, is Iceman really gay?” he asks before the presenter informs him that it was a big story in the New York Times.

“I don’t read the magazines anymore because my eyesight isn’t that good and the print is so small. As I said this is the first time I learned that Iceman is gay.”

“Wow! I never knew that,” he adds. “I don’t care what happens as long as they tell good stories.”

Listen the clip below:

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Stephen Port, Alleged Serial Killer Who “Poisoned Four Men With GHB” Charged

A Barking man appeared before Barkingside magistrates was charged with the murder of four men in their 20s who he met on gay websites.


Stephen Port, 40, is alleged to have poisoned the men in four separate incidents from June 2014 to September 2015 after inviting the men back to his house and giving them large amounts of the party drug GHB.


Port, of Cooke Street, was charged with four counts of murder and four counts of administering a poison with intent to endanger life or inflict grievous bodily harm, with Deputy District Judge Shlomo Kreiman remanding him in custody to appear before the Old Bailey on Wednesday.


The victims he is accused of killing include Anthony Walgate, 23, a fashion and design student at Middlesex University, who was pronounced dead in Cooke Street on 19 June 2014.


Gabriel Kovari, 22, originally from Slovakia but living in Lewisham, was then found near St Margaret’s Church, North Street, on 28 August 2014, followed by the body of Daniel Whitworth, 21, from Gravesend near the same churchyard on 20 September 2014 – both found by the same dog walker.


The fourth victim Port is accused of killing is Jack Taylor, 25, a forklift truck driver from Dagenham, whose body was found near the Abbey ruins close to North Street on 14 September 2015.

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CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund 2015 Finalists describing their collections

We are introducing ten CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists, who described their collections in their own words. In the competition, they will have only fifteen-minutes timeframe to describe the goals and aesthetic of their clothes to judges. Judges that includes Jenna Lyons, Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Wintour, and Andrew Rosen.

Here is what they have to say about their collection, in their own words.

Scott Studenberg and John Targon, Baja East

Describe your collection: Effortless, luxurious, wanderlust, gender-obsolescent.

David Hart, David Hart

Describe your collection: My collection is really about tailoring. There are elements of historical references, nostalgia, and elegance.

Aurora James, Brother Vellies

Describe your collection: Spontaneous, nomadic, energetic, and filled with love.

Jonathan Simkhai, Jonathan Simkhai

Describe your collection: Exciting, athletic details, dressed-up.

Becca McCharen, Chromat

Describe your collection: Architectural swimwear, lingerie, and sportswear.

Chris Gelinas, CG

Describe your collection: CG is focused on craft, quality, and the idea is about bridging a gap between technical innovation and classic femininity.

Thaddeus O’Neil, Thaddeus O’Neil

Describe your collection: Luxury casualwear with a beachy sort of feel

Rio Uribe, Gypsy Sport

Describe your collection: Eclectic, ethnic, athletic, it’s fun. Genderless.

Matt Baldwin, Baldwin

Describe your collection: Grit and grace. Men’s and women’s denim and ready to wear for the modern male and female.

Raul Arevalo and Brad Schmidt, Cadet

Describe your collection: We are military and academy inspired, as well as youthful and masculine with some collegiate elements. We play with both things – we aren’t overly literal but we use those references.

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Footballer reveals he was forced into gay sex slavery

A footballer has revealed he was brought to the UK as a teenager and forced into gay sex slavery.

Al Bangura, age 27, has fled from his family when he was told to head up the secret society that his father headed in Sierra Leone when he was 14.

He met a French man who promised to help him fulfill his life-long dream of being a soccer player, Leaving to Guinea two years later.

‘I didn’t know he had another different intention – to get me into the sex trade,’ Bangura said.

They went to France and then to the UK, where he was left alone in a building.

‘All of a sudden I saw two or three guys come around me, trying to rape me and make me do stuff,’ he said.

‘Because I was young and I was small, I just started screaming. They probably thought I knew what I was there for – obviously I know what I came over here for, I was here to play football.

‘I was just crying and proper screaming and I tried to make my way out – I was cold, I was crying, I was shaking, I didn’t know what to do, I was all over the place.

‘I made my way outside. I didn’t know where to start, I thought it was the end of my life.’

After seeking help from a Nigerian man he went to the Home Office and got help to claim asylum. The rest of his life has just began.

‘It was so emotional, because after a few months I’d kind of forgotten about what what I’d been through, it had been sad but I ended up coming to a good thing,’ he said.

‘It’s quite emotional to talk about it now, I’m happy I’ve got over it, but it’s sad for me.’

A total of 2,340 potential victims were trafficked from 96 countries – with 29% of them minors according to the the National Crime Agency.

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Editor’s choice: Levi’s Underwear

Every man knows that you can’t have too many black briefs, ever. Especially when it comes to black briefs with a little flash.

Black briefs are like a safe bet for a date night, and they works just perfect as a pair for the daily grind. It is the best choice when you want to look good, and sexy, and not being too assuming. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief in Black got you covered. With a little red Levi’s logo, which gives that classic American vibe.

Looking for manly-man underwear? Don’t look further, Levi’s is known for making a lot of masculine and attractive pairs of underwear. The Levi’s 200 Series Brief is perfectly stylish, but in a classic way. Also, the red chain-stitch detail on the rare echoes the brand’s spirit of denim.

It’s the best if you pair them with a pair of Levi’s denim. It’s simply made perfect together. Either light wash pair, or darker shade of blue. You can go however you like, maybe try with a grey jeans to compliment the black underwear in a darker way? Looks great. Or maybe try to go for a timeless, classic look, like white t-shirt and leather jacket? Amazing! Add aviator sunglasses. Hot!

You can play around with styles, with Levi’s 200 Series Briefs, there is nothing that can go wrong.

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Camo Underwear is the most masculine print choice

Dressed in a full camouflage print, like a hunter, may not be really smart thing to do, but in small doses, for underwear, it gives really powerful punch. Hands down, camo print is the most masculine print you can find. It’s often incorrectly classified as unfashionable and little too niche. Take a look at this photos down below, and you can be sure that camo print can still be stylish and sexy.

Model, Shawn Alexander, did a photoshooting wearing six pairs of camo underwear. Looking hot and sexy in briefs, boxer briefs, thong, in two trunks and in a pair of long underwear. It doesn’t matter what type of underwear, you will be surprised of its manly-man style.

Forest green and muddy browns are the common camo print, associated to earth colors, but sometimes they can be given a trendy flare. With their clean design, they got more military aesthetic.

Wood, Diesel and Aware Soho all feature with underwear that is inspired by wilderness. Wood feature Digital Camo print with a black waistband and their trademark orange brand name looks just right on them. Diesel’s are the darkest one, and most likely the manliest you can get. Aware Soho camo underwear goes with a sporty twist around contrasting black with bold white text.

Here are the photos from photoshooting. Tell us what you think in comment section below.

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