Real-life gay dads and their kid featured in adorable commercial for Campbell’s Star Wars Soup

If the gay dads in a new Campbell’s Soup commercial seem to have a natural chemistry with the child in the spot – and with each other – it’s because they are a real-life family.

Larry Sullivan and David Monahan and their son Cooper are the stars of a charming spot for the soup giant’s Star Wars offering. Each dad gives his best to channel James Earl Jones as the Darth Vadar’s voice they tell Cooper: ‘I am your Father.’

The spot is one of few with the tagline ‘Made for Real, Real Life.’

Yin Woon Rani, Campbell’s VP-marketing activation, tells Ad Age that the family was so appealing that their planned 15 second spot was extended to also include around 30 second version.

‘We use this phrase internally of this notion of “moment telling,” Woon Rani says. ‘We wanted to tell just very simple, telegraphic stories that didn’t always need the space of a :30. It was sort of a lucky extra because that story just ended up being so rich and so endearing.’

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Cyber-bullied Thai-German gay couple get married

A Thai-German gay couple that was cyber-bullied after those photos of them holding each others hands went viral have got married in Germany.

The former creative director of a Thai modeling agency Noparuj Kaendi , posted photos of his wedding to model Thorsten Mid on Instagram.

This time, the photos got hundreds of good and congratulatory messages from well-wishers and are trending in Southeast Asia.

The couple is together for two years now and the couple wore navy suits at their wedding in Aachen, Germany.

‘Foreigners are fond of pets,’ one wrote.

‘I now believe that potions work,’ said another, commenting on the perceived disparity their looks, while another told Mid to ‘wake up, boy.’

However, others came to their defense and Facebook fan pages gave full support for the couple.

‘I’m not a famous actor nor a public person who knows how to handle criticism… I’m just ME,’ Kaendi said at the time.

‘We’re just another average couple working hard to get to be together.’



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This gay man was told he would get booted from Disneyland for wearing short shorts

A gay man was told he would get booted from Disneyland in Anaheim unless he changed his short shorts.

Anthony Gilét, who lives in London, traveled to California for the annual ‘Gay Days’ event.

The event is when thousands of LGBTI patrons visit the park with their families and identify themselves by either wearing red or a football jersey.

‘I was certainly wearing more than Ariel,’ he said on his website.

‘Within a few minutes of being inside the park, a member of staff chased us down, before asking “do you have anything on under that top?”

‘So I told her yes, and showed her the shorts I had on underneath. To which she replied, “OK… Because it gives the impression that you have nothing on underneath. Do you have a change of outfit, because if not, security may remove you from the park.”

She said that: ‘It’s just that it’s a family park’.

Gilét, who paid $99 (€88) to go in, put on a longer shorts on his bag as he didn’t ‘want any drama’.

‘What exactly was the issue? Was it the fact that there was so much leg on show?’ he asked afterwards.

‘Because there were countless girls walking around in booty shorts. How is it any different from a girl in those? Or even a dress? Was she asking women if they had anything on under their short skirts too?’

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CORRECTED-Family watches as gay rights battle hits world theaters in “Freeheld”

“It’s overwhelming, it’s painful, but overall it brought relief to know that everything that she fought for is going out to a wider audience,” said her sister Lynda Hester D’Orio.

Had Hester not died at age 49, her legacy would have been a “quiet, personal one” helping others, her sister said.

Now “Freeheld” has been turned into a feature film, with Oscar-winning actress Moore as Hester, the police officer reluctant to be in the limelight but set on getting justice for her partner, played by Page.

“She did not want to be the poster woman for gay marriage. She did not want to be the person out in front of the gay pride parade,” said her brother Jim Hester. “She was about doing what was right and what was fair.”

“It’s going to change some minds… but it also is going to make some people dig in their heels a little more deeply and become a little more mean-spirited and say bad things about Laurel and Stacie,” he said.

The fight over Hester’s pension seems almost antiquated given the advances in gay rights, said Wade, who made the “Freeheld” documentary.

“The country is really different than it was 10 years ago when she was fighting this, and it’s because of people like Laurel,” she said.


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Fired Priest: No ‘Gay Lobby’ in Vatican

“I met homosexual priests, often isolated like me … but no gay lobby,” Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa (pictured above) told an Italian TV station in an interview broadcast Sunday, reports Agence France-Presse. Charamsa was fired from the Vatican press office just weeks ago after speaking to an Italian newspaper about his identity and his relationship.


Earlier in 2013, Pope Francis told a group of Latin American church leaders that there is indeed a “gay lobby” in the Vatican. A report commissioned by the previous pope, Benedict XVI, alleged there was a Vatican-connected gay network that met in and around Rome.


“There exists a convent where priests who manifest inappropriate sexual tendencies are sent to reflect,” 44-year-old Mario Bonfanti told the newspaper. “It’s a place where they help you to rediscover the straight and narrow. They wanted to ‘cure’ me but I refused to go.”


Catholic officials acknowledged the existence of the convent outside Milan, but would not address the specific nature of the issues addressed at the Venturini Convent.


“Priests come to us for a period of formation and personal reflection. At the moment we have neither gay priests nor pedophile priests here,” Father Gianluigi Pasto, 71, the head of the convent, told U.K. newspaper The Telegraph. “Certainly our job is to welcome everybody.”

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Arizona to pay $200,000 to lawyers who won gay marriage case


PHOENIX – Lawyers who persuaded a judge nearly a year ago to overturn Arizona’s same-sex marriage ban will receive $200,000 from the state to cover attorney fees and other costs in bringing the legal challenge.


Federal law lets those who prevail in civil rights cases seek compensation for the costs of bringing such lawsuits to court.


The decision on the Arizona law came after gay marriage bans were struck down in more than two dozen states.


Then, the U.S. Supreme Court declared this summer that same-sex couples have a right to marry in all 50 states.


Arizona lawmakers approved a state law barring same-sex marriages in 1996.


Seven years later, an Arizona appeals court upheld the constitutionality of the law.


Voters in 2008 amended the Arizona Constitution to include a ban.

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Margaret Cho wants to officiate same-sex marriage at Tucson show

Margaret Cho is not kidding when she says she wants to marry a Tucson same-sex couple at her Rialto Theatre show next month.

“If a Tucson couple would like me to do the ceremony, I am open to it,” Cho said during a phone call Wednesday to chat about her “There’s No I in Team But There a Cho in Psycho Tour,” that pulls into Tucson Oct. 18. “I ask them only to tweet at me using #MarryMeMargaret and I’m there for you.”

Cho is hoping to officiate gay weddings at all of her tour stops, but so far she’s only got a couple lined up for her San Francisco show Oct. 15. The tour kicks off in Michigan Oct. 1 and runs through Nov. 14 before she takes it to Europe for a month of dates through December.

Cho has been performing gay weddings since then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom “deputized” her in 2004, Cho said.

“I had Kim Davis’s job, essentially, but I actually did the job,” she said, referring to the controversial Kentucky county clerk who was jailed after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. “(Newsom) allowed me to perform wedding ceremonies in City Hall in San Francisco, which was the site of Harvey Milk’s assassination. It’s a very, very healing thing to go to the place that is literally the site of the most tragic moment in gay political history and do something like marry gay couples there.”

Cho will marry one couple during her show. Interested couples can click here for details on how to apply

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Colombia’s Constitutional Court Has Legalised Adoption By Gay Couples

The ruling said that gay couples could adopt children just like heterosexual couples, as long as all legal requirements were met by the partners. It added that prohibiting gay couples as possible adoptive parents “limits children’s right to a family,”

Maria Victoria Calle Correa, the chief justice of the Constitutional Court, said:

“A person’s sexual orientation or gender are not in and of themselves indicative of a lack of moral, physical or mental suitability to adopt.”

Director of Colombia Diversa, one of Colombia’s main gay rights groups, Marcela Sanchez stated:

“This is historic. From now on everyone will have equal opportunity when they request an adoption.”

She added: “Unfortunately we have found that the ruling isn’t sufficient, that the rest of the State, in this case the executive, has to enforce compliance of the law to guarantee equality in the proceedings, valuations, and requirements for adoption.”

The Catholic Church has reacted furiously towards the ruling, Bishop Juan Vicente Cordoba stated to the media:

Here the rights of the adults were prioritized because they want to have some kids. The children were not consulted. We have a dictatorship in the judicial branch. The Court is above everyone. Four votes decided for 48 million Colombians. That isn’t democracy. That isn’t respect. And that isn’t respect for our children.”

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Church of Latter Day Saints will no longer baptize the children of gay parents

The largest Mormon temple is in Salt Lake City.

A mass exodus was planned from the Mormon church this weekend over its decision to no longer bless or baptize the children of gay parents.

More than one thousand people stated their intention to attend the LDS Church Mass Resignation event in Salt Lake City which will be held on Saturday 14th of November, on social networks.

The event has a timeline of first finishing the paperwork and after that walking to the Salt Lake Temple and give their resignation letters, in a mailbox near the church, which will remove their names from the records in church.

According to one of the event organizers Lauren Elise McNamara the new policy is ‘pitting child against parent.’

‘I just can’t have my name on this organization any longer,’ she said. ‘Not in the tiniest of ways will I support this church.’

Calling it a protection of children, The Church of Latter Day Saints announced it would no longer bless or baptize the natural or adopted children of gay parents.

Only time those children will be able to be blessed or baptized at their church will be after they turn 18 and have stop living with their parents.

After children turn 18 and have stop living with their parents they will be able to get those two rights back from the church, which is absurd.

Mormons who want to leave the church are represented by Mark Naugle who said he had his inbox full with emails.

‘There will be fourteen hundred people who won’t be on the record, coming in the next five to 15 days, just from my end,’ he told KIVI-TV.




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Mother Teresa’s charity has shut down all orphanages and blamed gay people

After implementation of a new guidelines which now allows single parents to adopt children in India, Mother Teresa’s charity the Missionaries of Charity has stopped adoption.


It is reported that 13 of the 16 orphanages running under Missionaries of Charity also have applied for cancellation of registration.


According to PinkNews and Gay Star News, they shut down orphanages so that “the children will not have gay or divorced parents.”


Sister Amala, speaking about closed orphanages, told UK media: “This new guidelines hurt our conscience. They are certainly not for religious people like us. What if the single parent who give our baby [to] turns out to be gay or lesbian? What security or moral upbringing will these children get? Our rules only allow married couples to adopt.”


The new guidelines, among other amendments, allows single parents to adopt kids. The revised guidelines guidelines of the Juvenile Justice Act was decision of the Modi government’s WCD Ministry.


WCD Minister Maneka Gandhi said that the ministry will continue forward in their efforts to persuade them to put children up for adoption.


She stated: “Till now the Mother Teresa’s (Foundation) orphanages had their agenda and now when they have to come under a unified secular agenda they are refusing it. They have decided not to follow the guideline.”


Maneka concluded: “We will try and persuade them because they are valuable people and have experience. But if they do not listen then those children will have to be shifted to other places.

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