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David Beckham has been recalled to England’s squad for their forthcoming matches against Austria and Croatia.

Beckham had missed England’s last four games with a knee injury but the LA Galaxy midfielder is back for next Friday’s friendly in Austria and the final Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia at Wembley the following Wednesday.

England coach Steve McClaren flew to Los Angeles last weekend to assess Beckham’s fitness and he left convinced the former Manchester United star is ready to handle two matches in six days, despite barely having played for his club in the last 10 weeks.

Beckham should win his 98th and 99th caps for his country in these two matches, but could be left stuck one short of a century if England fail to qualify for Euro 2008.

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David Beckham Offers Hawaii a Peek at the Paradise Under His Shirt

Just as promised, here are the photos of David Beckham giving the crowd some applause at the Pan Pacific Championships in Hawaii. It was David’s first trip to Honolulu and here he is, soaking up the sunshine and admiration of the fans (and us) at the Aloha Stadium there yesterday. This applause and shirtlessness came after the L.A. Galaxy’s game against Gamba Osaka and I’m guessing that his well-tanned chest was David’s way of saying, “Thanks guys. Now, I will very graciously allow you all to feast your eyes on THIS.”

David Beckham love tatoos

David Beckham loves Wentworth Miller!!!

David Beckham proudly shows off his new forearm tattoo, honoring Wentworth Miller’s character on Prison Break, fugitive Michael Scofield.

The needlework design on his right arm, which includes his jersey number 23, links up the angel and clouds he already had on his arm.

In an interview with UK’s The Daily Mail back in April 2006, Wentworth Miller expressed how flattered he was that David Beckham is a fan of Prison Break and his body tattoo.

Apparently David Beckham is interested in copying your tattoo. Would you advise it? I’ve heard he’s getting my tattoo. Isn’t that wild? It never occurs to me that celebrities or sports people or actors are watching my show. I only think of my friends and family tuning in. I think his idea to join up his tattoos will work quite nicely, but I don’t envy him having it done. That’s a lot of work and a lot of pain for a tattoo that size.

Beckham, 31, was seen rolling up his sleeves and watching the Spanish League soccer match between Real Madrid and Osasuna at Santiago Bernabeu stadium on Sunday in Madrid, Spain. Real Madrid beat Osasuna 2-0.

Becks also wore a keffiyeh (typical Arab headdress) around his neck while showing off his new tattoo.

david beckham ‘s car

David Beckham is off to the USA, having accepted an offer of around $1m a week from Major League Soccer team Los Angeles Galaxy – so it’s high time to look at David Beckham’s gargantuan car collection.

David & Victoria Beckham at the wheel of their BentleyHe has so many cars that apparently when the chairman of Ferrari offered him one of their cars early in 2005 he actually turned the offer down. Beckham owns over seven cars, including a custom built Ferrari, a Porsche 911, a Range Rover, a Jaguar, a Bentley, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom. One of his first notable cars was a 1996 BMW M3, which he owned back when we has a moderately well-known rising star of the Manchester United squad. This car was later sold for a whopping £90,000 on eBay. The same model, not owned by Beckham, recently sold for only £11,000 and you could probably purchase a brand new BMW M3 for well under the weekly wage of your average globe-trotting Galactico.

Top 10: David Beckham cars

David Beckham driving an Audi Q7 on Thursday after a training session in MadridThe star likes to park his fleet in restricted, valeted parking bays. One of his more recent acquisitions was a £110,000 Lamborghini Gallardo. He does keep a few sensible cars though, including a Mercedes S500 and a Bentley Arnage, which he used to pick up his OBE from the Queen at Buckingham Palace in 2004. The car comes complete with leather baby-seats. Neither David nor his wife Victoria want the children to be left out, and for Christmas last year their son Brooklyn, five, was given a £22,000 Hummer H2 car for Christmas. They snapped up a scaled-down version of the vast US 4×4 owned by his father, apparently because the boy loves to imitate his dad.
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David Beckham and family with entourage and Bentley in July 2006Beckham bought a £55,000 H2 only recently, and added £18,000 of luxury extras. Victoria apparently spotted the scaled-down version while Christmas shopping in Harrods and thought it would be perfect for the five-year-old. A source said: “Brooklyn loves being like his dad. If David gets a new haircut he wants the same style. And having the same car is another way to be as cool as dad. He gets really excited when his dad buys a new car and always wants to copy him. David and Victoria love treating the boys. As soon as Victoria saw the Hummer she knew it would be the perfect gift for Brooklyn.” The scaled-down H2 joins a scaled-down BMW Z4, Ferrari and a Porsche in Brooklyn’s bedroom. He has had his fair share of car trouble too; following a reputed kidnap attempt, he purchased an armoured BMW X5 SUV in Madrid, but it was promptly stolen. He bought another one, and it was nicked as well; it was recovered recently in Macedonia, apparently being driven by Bulgarian people-traffickers; he’ll certainly be hoping his motoring goes more smoothly out in LA.

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David Beckham and Robbie Williams, a gay couple?

The footballer David Beckham and the singer Robbie Williams might interpret neighbours homosexuals in Desperate Housewives.
The arrival of the two Britons would aim to spice up the fourth season of the series that would gain a wider audience.

The producers of Desperate Housewives would they need to relaunch the sex appeal of the series by introducing a little more testosterone in the homes of Wisteria Lane? After the businessman Latin well built, fringuant imberbe gardener and plumber in charming, attractive actors including many téléspectatrices would gladly their four-hour, two gay neighbors move into the old family home Applewhite.

Marc Cherry, the creator of the TV series, thinks to hire two British footballer David Beckham and the singer Robbie Williams, to embody this duo, in the fourth season of the adventures échevelées delicious donzelles. Marc Cherry does not deny the information that is currently circulating on the Web. Rather, it states that “David and Robbie are perfect to play the new best friends of the neighbors […] Both are funny, agreed to a giggles and very macho, it should work perfectly.”

So British, so sexy

According to him, David Beckham and Robbie Williams serve to gain a wider audience and to restore life into the series, missing since the departure of Jesse Metcalfe, the interpreter John Rowland, the young gardener who maintained an affair with Gabrielle Solis, played by Eva Longoria. This fourth season of Desperate Housewives begins Sunday, Sept. 30, on ABC, in the United States.

David Beckham is now living in the United States, since his arrival at the club Los Angeles Galaxy and therefore could organize his schedule to combine its two professional activities. The career of Robbie Williams seems to be taking on a new, more cinematic. The former leader of the Take That singer would also be approached to play the role of Captain Kirk in Star Strek XI, the next film by JJ Abrams, the creator of the television series Lost and Alias.

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Shirtless David Beckham in Africa as an ambassador

It’s totally a shirts vs. skins soccer game and David Beckham simply refuses to be on the side that has to conceal their abs. Actually, the soccer star is visiting as a Goodwill Ambassador in the town of Mangorea in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone. Becks took a trip to the UNICEF-sponsored home for newborns to try and rise awareness for the cause child survival, with the State of the World’s Children 2008 report set to be released by UNICEF shortly.

I know his heart is in the right place, but I can’t help wondering if he could resist quizzing the guys here how they managed to keep such amazingly low body-fat. Oh Becks! I kid! I kid because I too would love to know their secret for being so ripped.

Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham visiting the town of Mangorea in Sierra Leone’s Northern Province “

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