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Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe’s nude photo threat

Daniel Radcliffe’s manhood will be protected by security when he makes his Broadway debut.

The ‘Harry Potter’ actor will strip naked in play ‘Equus’ in New York later this year, and theatre bosses are worried audiences may try and sneak cameras in just as some fans did when he starred in the West End version of the play.

Special equipment is now being installed to prevent theatre-goers taking photos of him in the nude.

A source is quoted by Britain’s Daily Star newspaper as saying: “When the show opened in the UK, some rather over-enthusiastic female fans sneaked cameras in to snap Daniel when he strips naked on stage.

“They all wanted pictures to circulate to friends and over the internet so we are bringing in tighter security.”

Bosses are also considering increasing security at the stage door, so the 18-year-old star can arrive and leave safely without being mobbed.

Daniel – who plays young wizard Harry Potter in the big-screen versions of J.K. Rowling’s books – recently confessed he is nervous about making his Broadway debut.

He said: “It will be amazing – but I will be terrified!”

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Daniel Radcliffe buys a Manhattan penthouse

He occupies a box room at his parents’ London home and has hardly touched his estimated £25million fortune.

So it is hardly surprising that Daniel Radcliffe has decided the time is right to enter the property market.

The Harry Potter star has spent £2.2million on a newly-built bachelor pad in Manhattan.

But he has no immediate plans to live in it, and it is available for rent by well-heeled New Yorkers at £10,000 a month.

Radcliffe gained full control of his earnings after his 18th birthday in July.

Along with the other teenage Potter actors, he received personal consultations from Coutts, bankers to the Queen, on how best to invest his fortune.

The 1,843 sq ft fifth-floor apartment is a 13-storey, glass-walled condominium in trendy SoHo.

Designed by architect Jean Nouvel, it has been dubbed the “sexiest new development” in the area. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling windows to make the most of the Manhattan skyline.

The building – which contains 40 flats – also has a 50ft swimming pool, a steam room and concierge.

It would provide a convenient base for Radcliffe when he makes his Broadway debut next September in a repeat of his controversial West End performance as a disturbed young man in Equus.

However, Chris Pomeroy, from the U.S. property firm Halstead, said that it was available for rent “for at least a year”, which would keep it occupied until after the scheduled opening of the production.

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Potter stars react to gay twist

The stars of the Harry Potter films have been giving their reaction to JK Rowling’s revelation last month that the one of her characters, Hogwarts school headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, is gay.

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“I thought it was hilarious,” said Daniel Radcliffe, who has played the lead role in all five Harry Potter films.

He said actor Michael Gambon, who has played Dumbledore since the third film, had been “really camping it up for the last three weeks ever since he found out”.

Rowling announced that Dumbledore was gay to a packed house in New York’s Carnegie Hall as part of her US book tour in October.

Radcliffe told BBC News: “JK Rowling is an incredibly intelligent woman. She can’t have thought for a moment that that would go down well in the Bible Belt of America, but she put it brilliantly herself: ‘He’s my character – I can do what I want with him.’ Which I think is fair enough.”

Dumbledore is Harry Potter’s mentor in the series
David Yates, who directed the fifth Harry Potter film – Order of the Phoenix – said he was told in September by JK Rowling during a read-through for the next film on the set of the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

“Jo leaned over to me and said: ‘You know Dumbledore’s gay don’t you, David?’ And I thought ‘Wow that’s pretty cool’.”

Yates, who was speaking at the press launch of the Phoenix DVD, added: “He’s a wonderful character, Dumbledore – graceful, wise, powerful, quirky, terrific sense of humour, loves knitting. There’s a jumble of things in there and his sexuality is just another thing.”

Filming on the sixth film in the franchise, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, began in September, with Yates again at the helm. But he said not to expect any changes to the way Dumbledore is portrayed on film.

“Michael Gambon hasn’t changed his approach. A person’s sexuality is just one part of who they are, and so it hasn’t really shifted where we’re taking him.”

Producer David Barron confirmed that Dumbledore would remain “the character Michael Gambon has already established”.

Evanna Lynch beat 15,000 hopefuls to land the part of Luna Lovegood

But he added: “Michael’s camped it up a bit off-camera, he’s just been amused by it.”

Emma Watson, who plays Harry’s friend Hermione Granger, said: “It never really occurred to me before, but now JK Rowling’s said that he’s gay it sort of makes sense.”

She added: “I think what surprised everyone was the amount of media attention it’s received. I think it’s nice that the story has ended but there are still things that people don’t know.”

Evanna Lynch, who plays the part of eccentric student Luna Lovegood, said she had always thought that a younger Dumbledore would have made an ideal partner for Luna.

“If only Dumbledore was a 100 years younger they would be perfect, and I put that to JK Rowling,” she said.

“But as we know now, that’s never going to happen.”


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