Tom of Finland erotic artwork featured on special-edition condoms

San Francisco will, this weekend, host world’s biggest leather event. And with new exclusive collaboration between ONE® and the Tom of Finland Foundation, we can have special-edition erotic artwork condoms.

Durk Dehner, the president of the Foundation, reported: “Tom of Finland was dubbed “the Michelangelo of safe sex”, promoting sexual health, particularly among gay men.”

According to a press release, a share of all sales of the condoms will be used by Tom of Finland Foundation mission to protect and preserve the work and careers of erotic artists all around the world.

Davin Wedel, President and CEO of Global Protection Corp., parent company of ONE®, stated: “Offering a safe haven for all erotic art in response to rampant discrimination against art that portrayed sexual behavior or generated a sexual response.”

He continued: “Our partnership with Tom of Finland Foundation is a natural fit for ONE, a brand committed to art and self-expression. The iconic, provocative artwork of Tom of Finland embodies the strength and boldness we strive for in all of our products. It’s truly an honor to bring his work to life in this innovative way.”

This approach shows that Tom of Finland artwork is trying to reach out for new audiences and collectors. Special-edition artwork condoms are available in two most popular styles – Super Sensitive™ and Legend™ – and included on 12 packs, 24 packs, and bowls of 100.

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New condoms in spray

Sick of fumbling with those old-fashioned prophylactics? Well have no fear, the spray-on condom is here!

Jan Vinzenz Krause from the Institute for Condom Consultancy and his team are developing the ultimate in comfortable protection for men, Reuters reports.
No more strewn condom wrappers or pesky imprints in your wallet … the condom of the future will be spray-as-you-go.

Krause’s invention consists of a can-type device that sprays latex from all sides. “We call it the ‘360 degree procedure’ once round and from top to bottom. It’s a bit like a car wash.”

Krause says the plan is to have the product work in about 5 seconds, making it especially convenient for those heat-of-the-moment situations where time is of the essence. He says the product will be extra-effective since it will be custom fit and won’t slip.
However, before the new condom can be sold in shops, the company has to ensure that the latex gets evenly spread when it’s sprayed.discovered by gay tel aviv