Chippendales shirtless

THE CHIPPENDALES are advertised as the “Ultimate Girl’s Night Out,” and let me tell you, they are not kidding! They performed at ‘The Best’ disco club in Zagreb on Sunday night. The female hormones were running wild, and the ladies did not hold back a bit (who would ? lol). Not only were the hunks TOTALLY HOT, but they were accomplished dancers, singers, aerial performers and much more. These are some talented guys and this is clearly not your average “strip show” show, this is a true production show, but instead of beautiful gals there are beautiful guys. This show artistically encapsulates a wide range of female fantasies to provide a sensuous and fast-paced performance that offers the perfect blend of music, hot dance moves, and sensual theatrics. There are several “themes” during the evening including cowboys, construction workers, leather boys and other great costumes to show off their muscular bodies and fantastic dancing moves. During the evening there was a lot of Chipps ripping their shirts off and tossing them into the audience, but although you never see any frontal nudity, there was a lot of “tush” action… and my oh my… hey are HOT HOT HOT!

viewed here

90 Chippendales at the same time