CHAD ALLEN to star in two new movies in 2008

here tv! has wrapped production on two additional installments in the
acclaimed Donald Strachey Mysteries series, with Chad Allen. These two new films will both
be ready for release in 2008.

The two new Donald Strachey Mysteries, titled “Ice Blues” and “On the Other
Hand, Death”, follow gay detective Donald Strachey as he solves crimes in
Albany, New York. Chad Allen reprises his role as beloved tough guy
Strachey, with Sebastian Spence returning as Strachey’s husband, Tim. The
successful landmark franchise, based on the popular novels by Richard
Stevenson, has brought an original mixture of dark wit, suspense, political
commentary, and adventure rarely seen before in the gay film and television

Not only has the series already produced two successful films, it also has
drawn interest from well-known stars of film, television and stage to star
in supporting roles, including Sean Young and Morgan Fairchild. The next
two films are honored to include Sherry Miller (previously seen on
Showtime’s “Queer as Folk”) playing a family matriarch with a dark secret in
“Ice Blues,” and Margot Kidder (Superman) portraying an outspoken member of
the lesbian community in “On the Other Hand, Death.”

“We’re thrilled that Chad Allen is reprising his role as the sexy, gay,
tough-guy detective Donald Strachey, and that we can offer his fans two
additional installments of this popular franchise in 2008,” says here!
Senior Vice President of Original Programming, Meredith Kadlec.

The franchise continues to grow more suspenseful and more entertaining and
the network is confident that these next two installments will only continue
to build on the momentum set forth by the first two.

more about Chad Allen

Born June 5, 1974 in Cerritos, California, Chad Allen, whose full name is Chad Allen Lazzari, grew up in Long Beach, CA. He’s the youngest of four boys, and his parents were hoping for a girl. They got one, in the shape of Chad’s twin sister, Charity. Chad was the “extra change”, as he puts it.

Chad got his start in show business when his mother started entering him and his twin sister Charity in “twin contests” at fairs, and they won quite a few times. People kept telling his mother how cute the twins looked together, and that she should try to get the them into acting.

Charity didn’t much like show business at all, but Chad was bitten by the acting bug. It was decided that Chad Lazzari sounded like a name for a dark-haired Italian, not a blond, blue-eyed boy, and he started out on his acting career as Chad Allen instead. His first job was in a McDonalds television commercial, at age four. His first dramatic work came at age six, in a pilot for a television series that never went into production, Cutter to Houston.

His first big break in a television series happened when he was eight and joined the cast of “St. Elsewhere” as Tommy Westphall, an autistic boy. He played that character literally until the very end, when he was the last actor on-screen in the final scene of the final episode of St. Elsewhere in 1988. During that period, he worked continuously (and sometimes simultaneously) on a succession of other successful TV shows: Webster (1985-1986), Our House (1986-1988) and My Two Dads (1989-1990).