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I want to pray with him

no cinderellas for black sport men

national black gay conference

Hundreds of LGBT African Americans will meet in Baltimore next month in the first ever conference aimed at empowerment.

The three-day conference is being organized by the National Black Justice Coalition – the nation’s largest Black LGBT rights group.

Called the Power of Us Conference, it will bring together 50 national experts in 35 workshops, panel discussions, and question and answer sessions.

“[It] is a powerful statement for a community that is rarely portrayed in media and entertainment,” the National Black Justice Coalition said in a statement Monday.

The conference will showcase an array of highly successful men, women and youth who are making a difference in their community as Black openly LGBT.

Among those scheduled to participate are newly out Connecticut State Legislator Jason Bartlett; Judge Darrin Gayles; Newark, NJ City Council Member Dana Rone; Wilton Manors, FL City Commissioner Joe Angelo; Kathy Harris and Ray Cunningham of BET’s College Hill; and Comic Karen Williams.

The conference will be divided into three main areas – Black wellness including HIV/AIDS, the Black Church and homophobia, and Black LGBT Politics including the 2008 Presidential Race and Marriage Equality.

NBJC said that tickets are still available through its Web site.

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would you like such a houseplant?

Puma wear for african hunks

Since Sunday, January 20, Puma plays the star on the African Cup of Nations 2008. Already sponsor of five African teams at the World Cup 2006 FIFA World Cup, the German mark will be paid by nine of the sixteen teams in the tournament which is being held in Ghana until February 10.

Blessed with a strong capital sympathy, the football teams of the African continent were already many to wear the insignia of the equipment at the last World Cup. Angola, Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and Namibia, the newcomer in the competition transnational many nations to fly the cat bounding today. And Egypt, champion title, as the host country of the competition are no exception.

The Ghana can boast of having extended its partnership with Puma beyond the FIFA World Cup 2014. An extension announced on January 22 in Accra by Jochen Zeitz, CEO of the mark, and the president of the GFA, Kwesi Nyantakyi, in the wake of the victory of Ghana against Guinea in the opening match of the Cup ‘ Africa Nations. As a partner, the brand sports has placed at the disposal of the national team bus Mercedes-Benz and will help the Football Federation of Ghana to build an artificial turf field.

The chairman of the GFA, Nyantakyi, says that “Puma has kept his promise to support us.” Especially when we know that its logo will be present on twenty of the twenty-four matches during the African Nations Cup, “said Jochen Zeitz, the CEO.

For this event, professional footballers dress therefore of the new range Trainer v1.08, which has just come out in stores with a complete collection of footwear, clothing and accessories designed for more technical sport. To mark his appointment at the tournament, Puma participated in the project even charity Peace One Day in developing and presenting a special collection football.

“This is a beautiful start for a great year of sport, both globally and for Puma,” said Jochen Zeitz. “We could not expect better start to the year for our operations in Africa and our support for the national teams of the African Nations Cup. “

Stop racism! Stop discrimination!

Racism. Stop it!

I really like this public service announcement, one of the entries to the 2008 Racism Stop It! national video contest in Canada.

It’s simple, and to the point.

from gaypersonofcolour

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Beautiful gay black butts

 < The black male body has been a thing of allure and mystery throughout history. The love of big butts can be seen as positive because of the healthy body image it promotes – no more are the days of the anorexic-looking man. Today’s gay men want a little meat on their men… well, at least a little junk in the trunk. Black men have been objectified as sex objects ever since their voluptuous bodies were seen as a welcome change to the bony figures of European men to whom the male settlers were accustomed. When African men arrived in America via a “free cruise” through the middle passage with their large posteriors, it was assumed that they were sex-craving, savage beasts. The view of black men as sexual predators is still seen today in both the entertainment industry and society at large
But there is nothing wrong with having a big butt, big lips, and big everything else as long as you’re happy with that.

(this is a parody of a black women apology! 🙂 )