New “Orthodox Priest” calendar is risky hot

You think you were surprised with last “Orthodox Priest” calendars? Just wait to see what they are preparing to release for next year. This calendar will include probably one of the most raciest and most risky photographs.


Makers of the annual Orthodox Priest calendar wanted to spread a powerful message against hate. They made a scene putting the priests in extra-frisky scenarios, and using the appeal to support social change.


Press representative, Magdalena De Iona said: ““Art has long been one of the main channels for social change. What we stand for is true love and free will. And that makes us think one day we will find common ground, in a better world.”


To understand on what kind of risky we are talking about, take a look at the cover photo for example. Can you recognize these two boys? Yeah… Russian President Vladimir Putin and Moscow’s Patriarch Kirill I, looking as each other’s brides and wearing just briefs and skimpy lingerie.


Here are the photos of “Orthodox Priest” calendar. After seeing the photos, we would like to hear your opinion.



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