How Gay is Pakistan? Mawaan Rizwan will give you the answer

Mawaan Rizwan is clearly at ease on screen, and right at the beginning of How Gay Is Pakistan? he was telling us about coming out as gay to his family last year: it was “the worst news ever for Pakistani parents”


In Pakistan, homosexuality is punishable by being stoned to death and considered to be a disease by some.

In Gay Times interview, Rizwan talks about how tolerant the country is.


GT: What made you want to do it?


Rizwan: “It is very personal to me. There has been so much progression of LGBT issues globally in the last decade. I wanted to know what was happening in my country of birth.”


GT: Why do you think Pakistan holds such a negative view of homosexuality?


Rizwan: “What scares me more than the negativity towards homosexuality is the underlying denial that it even exists. In an extremely patriarchal society the norm is for a man to marry a woman. Anything else is a threat to tradition and belief. However, it seems like gay sex is incredibly easy to find in Pakistan, as women are less accessible. And more shockingly, many men who have sex with other men (MSM) do not identify as ‘gay’.”


GT: Were there any positive moments during your trip?


Rizwan: “Yes, there were many positive and inspiring moments. Some people I spoke to said that since they have come out, one or two family members have been quite supportive. This goes to show that on a one-to-one human level, people might be more open-minded than expected. And many have said that thanks to the internet, people are feeling like they’re not alone and an LGBT community has started to emerge.”

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National Gay Men’s HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Today marks National Gay Men’s HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, an opportunity to focus our attention on the impact of HIV and AIDS on gay and bisexual men.


Marvell Terry, II, HRC HIV & AIDS Project Fellow, remembers testing positive for HIV in 2007 and some of the barriers he faced connecting to care.


“It was difficult at first,” said Terry. “But knowing your HIV status is an important part of taking care of yourself and the people around you. On National Gay Men’s HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, we must be vigilant in our efforts to educate our community about the importance of getting tested and treated for HIV.”


Know Your Prevention and Treatment Options


For HIV-negative gay and bisexual men who are sexually active, there are more tools available and more actions to take to stay safe and healthy. Some are listed below, but even more information is available at Start Talking. Stop HIV.

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Lets fight in black underwear

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Army is more effective with gay soldiers

Recruiting more gay people into the Army makes it more effective a top general has said as commanders try to widen the pool of potential recruits for the forces.

Lt Gen James Everard said “diverse teams” of people, if well led, are “far more effective than bog-standard teams.”


The Army’s push to seem more welcoming to gay and transgender people comes as commanders believe they have to work harder to recruit from “non-traditional” parts of society.


Lt Gen James Everard, commander of land forces, said “operational effectiveness is at the top of the pile” of reasons to recruit more gay and transgender people into the Army.


Greater emphasis on high technology, diplomacy, engaging with local populations and the need to understand “psychological terrain” means the Army needs to recruit more widely, he said.


Lt Gen Everard says: “[Diversity] in our ranks gives us a breadth of understanding and capability we don’t get in any other way … we need to reach into [places] that probably people would have said were non-traditional – away from the working class of Middlesbrough and all that sort of stuff and into a more diverse and broader range of characters. That’s hugely important for us.”

“Like most problems, [fixing] the first 70 per cent is quite easy,” Lt Gen Everard says. “It’s closing out the last 30 per cent [which is hard] . . . and that’s to do with attitudes.”

Lt Gen Everard stated: “I think that’s probably woefully low but actually there are more people that come to the [LGBT] meetings that are gay than have declared they are gay — so that’s probably just a confidence thing.”

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Gay man’s murderer may have been boyfriend’s best friend

‘We cannot wait to see this gentleman go on trial’

In Montgomery County, Texas a gay man was tied up and murdered. The main suspect is his boyfriend’s best friend.

David James Brown, age 22, was arrested in Tippecanoe County, Indiana where he was hiding from the police on the November 17 on late Thursday.

The charge was murder of Marc Pourner , age 28, who went missing after getting a ‘disturbing phone call’ on Thursday.

His body was found in body in a wooded area after a tip-off on Saturday. Clear signs of blunt force trauma and signs of being tied up and gagged were clear on his body.

Father of the victim said Brown was best friends with his son’s boyfriend and that the motive was surely homophobia.

‘We didn’t need to suspect. We had information that told us exactly what happened when the incident occurred,’ he said.

His wife and he ‘hugged and clapped and cheered’ when the arrest was announced.

‘We cannot wait to see this gentleman go on trial. It’s our ultimate hope to attend his execution in Huntsville at the earliest possible time,’ he added.

They are establishing a scholarship for the LGBT teens in Marc’s name and they also held a candlelight vigil on Wednesday to raise attention on the matter and try to help other gay people that are coping with the same problems.




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Nice butts in sport shorts

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Disney Star Garrett Clayton to Play Porn Star Brent Corrigan

Disney star Garrett Clayton will apparently play infamous gay porn star Brent Corrigan in an upcoming gay porn drama movie.


Now a film about the case is in the works, called King Cobra, with QueerClick reporting that James Franco (who else) is set to produce, with Christian Slater playing Kocis. Molly Ringwald has also been cast, apparently playing Kocis’ sister Melody.

It appears Franco will also appear in the movie, but it’s not clear what role he will play. It will also reunite him with his I Am Michael director, Justin Kelly.

It’s not clear what actors will step into the roles of Cuadra and Kerekes, but the movie has founds its Brent Corrigan in the very hot form of former Disney Channel star Garrett Clayton (Teen Beach Movie, The Fosters).

Kocis, the owner of porn company Cobra Video which boasted Corrigan on its roster, was stabbed to death by two escorts at his Pennsylvania home in January 2007.


The murder was notoriously violent, with Kocis stabbed 28 times, before his throat was cut, and his house set on fire to destroy evidence of the crime.


Lockhart testified for the prosecution at trial of killers Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes, explaining disputes within the industry over the use of the ‘Brent Corrigan’ stage name.

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Gay soldier returning home featured in “Hollow Tune” video

The alt-pop band Brick + Mortar, Brandon Asraf and John Tacon, made an emotional video that shows a gay veteran protecting another man from a potential hate crime.


The video for their song “Hollow Tune”, they wanted to tell a touching mini story. While watching the video, we can see a gay veteran, who have been supported by one of his fellow soldiers, but then he must stop a hate crime against a gay man after he returns.


According to Out, the band members of Brick + Mortar said: “We make music for people who believe in equality and acceptance for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or belief. This song was written about love to say: “You’re not alone, I’m not alone,” to the one you love. Love is love period.”


Rosco Guerrero from the company that created the video for the band, Blurred Films, added: “We trashed three full scripts in process of finding the story for the Hollow Tune video. Ultimately, it was comments from people stating how the song had changed their lives or helped them get through tough times, how this piece of music had a profound effect on their very existence.”


He continues: “The words “you’re not alone” became so central. I knew we had to create a story representing characters that are underrepresented and in turn speak to all people underrepresented. People that may be struggling to find or accept their identity or circumstances.”

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He is waiting for you inbed

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15,000 gay couples have wed since same-sex marriage became legal in England

More than 15,000 gay and lesbian couples have wed since same-sex marriage became legal, new figures reveal.

There were 7,366 ceremonies in which those not already in a civil partnership tied the knot in the 1 5 months after the law was introduced in March last year.

Of those, 55% were between female couples and 45% male, the official data showed.

In addition, there were 7,732 couples who chose to convert an existing civil partnership into a marriage between December, when they could first do so, and June.

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act was introduced in England and Wales on March 29 last year, with the first ceremonies taking place moments after midnight.

Figures covering the period from that date until the end of June this year were published today by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

They showed that the number of same-sex marriages peaked at 844 in August last year.

“Historically the most popular time for marriages to take place is during the summer months, with ceremonies being less popular in winter,” the ONS said.

“Marriages of same-sex couples are following this seasonal pattern.”

Gianna Lisiecki-Cunane, a family lawyer with JMW Solicitors, said: “Even though it might seem to be a stereotype, more female same-sex couples than males are opting for the greater commitment which marriage is taken to represent.

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