Ten sexy video game guys


Ask and you shall receive! While you can find plenty of talk about sexy video game women, you don’t often find discussions about the guys, who are frequently easy on the eyes, too (though, not as frequently as with female characters). There are plenty of sexy video game guys and I could probably compose several different lists, each limited to just games from a few certain genres or a few companies’ output. Of course, I’m sure I missed some of your favorites (since there are so many) so feel free to make your additions in the comments.

The Sims games have an incredibly loyal following, an audience that has a large gay segment. That loyalty is driven by the ability to create reality as you want it to be. You can determine your characters’ sexual orientations and an active modding community means that the sims’ world is only limited by other players’ limitations. The Sims 2 also comes with a few storylines out-of-the-box, like that of Don Lothario, the new arrival to Pleasantville who’s been romancing both Calliente sisters and heiress Cassandra Goth. Of course, in my version of Pleasantville, it turned out that Don was also having an affair with Cassandra’s other suitor, Darren Dreamer…

Sega’s groundbreaking 3-D fighting game has long had stunning graphics (though it feels odd to look back at the first edition and try to remember when that was once innovative) but the latest editions have been stunning in the level of realism achieved. The third Virtua Fighter introduced detailed body motion and clothing that flowed realistically. (Watching Aoi’s kimono sleeves move with her jabs was always a treat to watch and there was something titillating about seeing an underwear waistband exposed every time the shirtless Wolf reached forward.) The newest edition introduces a masked wrestler, El Blaze, who helps make sure there’s no gender imbalance of sexiness in the Virtua Fighter series.

As a young samurai fighting the evil of legendary historical villain Nobunaga Oda (who, in this case, gained much of his power from demonic help), Samanosuke has a steady resolve and strength that makes it possible to battle on as he discovers more and more of the horrors behind Oda’s rise to power.

So. I was getting nostalgic the old Mortal Kombat games (remember when that FMV was so impressive?), looking at the characters for the latest Armageddon game and then I found this guy with the sexy devil-may-care, calm demeanor of a young Samuel Jackson. Now I’ve really got to get a copy, as I’m curious to see this guy in motion. (The MK franchise certainly added plenty of characters since I last played it — I don’t recognize most of these fighters! Am I the only one unsurprised to see that Johnny Cage hasn’t aged well, even with digital graphics on his side?)

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