About this blog

Hello! I am Erik, screen name “absoluterik”, living between Paris, san Franciscoand London. All my friends say I look like 35. I am 6’2″, workout five times a week, and always tanned. The story of this blog began some months ago because of my boyfriend.

This blog is dedicated to everyone of us willing to have a gay life full of joy. The idea started a few months ago thanks to my boyfriend. He and I have been together for three years and I started becoming aware that there was something I was not comfortable with. We had sex every sunday at 09Am, in the bed. Lucky weeks were those when we had an additional sex session on saturday at 09AM, in the bed.

During the rest of the week, my eyes turned to be as video games, as virtual glasses. Wherever I was, my eyes transformed the situation into a sexual one. At work my virtual glasses undressed guys around me, imagining their jockstraps under their suits. When shopping my virtual glasses made transparents the curtains of the changing rooms where customers where being sucked by employees. When driving I dropped my pants down and my virtual glasses undressed the other drivers having a hand in their cars around…

So I decided to recover a fulfilled life, having fun once a day. Gaymagination blog was born.

One idea per day, for my boyfriend and I.

And then I guessed that there should other boys and men all over the world that this blog could help. So here is a wonderful blog.

Use the ideas everyday and have a wonderful gay life full of joy!

Share your ideas and help others to become great lovers!

Let’s our gaymagination blossom…

I am a new blogger.
Thank you for your feedback at absoluterik@rocketmail.com