Real-life gay dads and their kid featured in adorable commercial for Campbell’s Star Wars Soup

If the gay dads in a new Campbell’s Soup commercial seem to have a natural chemistry with the child in the spot – and with each other – it’s because they are a real-life family.

Larry Sullivan and David Monahan and their son Cooper are the stars of a charming spot for the soup giant’s Star Wars offering. Each dad gives his best to channel James Earl Jones as the Darth Vadar’s voice they tell Cooper: ‘I am your Father.’

The spot is one of few with the tagline ‘Made for Real, Real Life.’

Yin Woon Rani, Campbell’s VP-marketing activation, tells Ad Age that the family was so appealing that their planned 15 second spot was extended to also include around 30 second version.

‘We use this phrase internally of this notion of “moment telling,” Woon Rani says. ‘We wanted to tell just very simple, telegraphic stories that didn’t always need the space of a :30. It was sort of a lucky extra because that story just ended up being so rich and so endearing.’

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Kohl’s #AllTogetherNow Campaign Holiday Ad Features Gay Couple

The commercial, part of the retailer’s #AllTogetherNow campaign, was released on YouTube and features a whole family coming home for the holidays.

There’s mom, inviting two sets of husbands and wives into the family home. And then a set of husbands! We love how matter-of-factly this placement has been handled. It’s 2015, and Kohl’s is portraying the modern family just the way it should: inclusively.

Kohl’s officials wrote on the company’s official YouTube page: “The best of the holidays? Being together with family and friends, of course.”

According to executive vice president of marketing Will Setliff, Kohl’s new #AllTogetherNow campaign “focuses on how Kohl’s is bringing modern families together in unexpected ways.”

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IKEA Deutschland: Gay Couple Kissing Featured in a Christmas Ad

IKEA Deutschland released an advert starring gay couple kissing on the cheek for the Christmas.

Gay Couple sneak a quick kiss on the cheek, while sitting at a dining table. The kiss is pretty subtle and can easily be missed if not watching carefully. But there is nothing that our eye can’t catch when it comes to this subject.

Watch the full advert below:

This is not the first time IKEA has used gay couples in their advertising. It first introduced same-sex couples over twenty years ago, back in 1994. However, the 1994 advert was released in the U.S., and it was not tolerated, and resulted in some stores receiving bomb threats.

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Two Gay Dads Shared Touching Story of Starting a New Family

Two gay dads shared their moving story with “Gays With Kids” – an organisation designed to help gay dads and to encourage other gay men to navigate fatherhood.

The couple have opened up about coming out and starting a new family.

Donovan Gutierrez and his fiancé Eric Alvarado, were already fathers when they met each other. They have a child of their own from previous relationships.

They said that they desperately wanted to have children while still young, so they made a difficult decision to start a family with a women. Even though they knew they were gay.

And how it usually goes in situations like this, neither marriage lasted, so they both ended up divorced.

Gutierrez stated: “It becomes difficult, especially when it comes to communication. My parents still argue and they’ve divorced for 30 years.”

They met each other online, and after a while , Alvarado moved to California to be with Gutierrez.

Gutierrez’s 10-year-old son, Desi, at one moment asked them: “Why don’t you make it official?”

So they did make it official, with a full support of Desi.

Donovan and Alvarado said: “We wanted a traditional family per se. I’m really looking forward to it. The way I’m looking at it, we’re starting from step one.”

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Incredible top five LGBT family friendly destinations

When it comes to vacations, there are a lot of options to consider for you and your family. We are presenting top five LGBT family friendly destinations.

#1. Hawaii

If you like holiday to be little educational, jump to Pearl Harbour. But if you simply want to play around amazing beaches and swim in pure blue sea, Hawaii is the best destination you can imagine for LGBT family.

#2. San Francisco

World’s best known LGBT friendly city, hailed for its open minded and welcoming attitude for gay people. There’s no other city that can match its unique allure with the Golden Gate Bridge, nearby wine country and cable cars.

#3. Sydney

If you can afford long travel destinations, you should visit Sydney. Well known for its infamous gay night life, Sydney also has a lot more to offer for families too, including beautiful Bondi Beach, world-class Taronga Zoo, a hike up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and famous Sydney Harbour, which can be also explored by ferry or private boat.

#4. New York City

New York City justifies its name of “city that never sleeps”.There is almost everything you can imagine, anytime. You can always find place for shopping, great food or for family fun. Also there are Central Park, Broadway, Times Square, top restaurants and world-famous LGBT Pride Parade.

#5. Stockholm

One of the Europe’s most LGBT tolerant and friendly cities, known as the Venice of the North, thanks to its scenic waterways and leafy green parks that cover various islands. Stockholm has to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, if not the world.

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