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30 things to do before the end of the summer

Before the warm days of summer leave us, here are some reminders of all the things left to do before the fun comes to a close.
1. Take a gay hike

2. Enjoy the gay ripe berries of the season

3. Explore the gay nearest Islands by boat

4. Have a gay summer champagne bath with your love

5. Find gay inner peace

6.Discover gay baseball

7.Take a wine tour

8. Hit the trail

9.Enjoy summer fireworks

10.Learn how to dive

11. Enjoy a picnic in your favourite park

12. Have a hot ballon gay experience

13.Go fishing
14. Run, run and run

15. Discover boats
16.Improve the way you swim

17.Try to clim rocks

18. TRy a leather session with your lover

19 Try a footballer

20.indulge with food

21 Splash your head with a surfer*

22.Enjoy a wonderful sunset with your lover

23.Discover the joy of camping

24. Go up the mountain early in the morning with your gay lover

25.Just hang out in the trees with your lover

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