Gay hot sessions in second life


The second Life of Second Life is the space of the possible ones. One can be no matter who, or anything, the only limits being our imagination or our means. One leaves us the advisability of being his own owner, through an ultra-liberal and ultra-aggressive capitalism. It is an open world where very buys itself and monnaye, exchanges themselves and is negotiated. More than one social experiment, Second Life is a chaotic supermarket where some would like a little palliative love between two shelves. Coitus on the inch with another misadventure adult and agreeing. For all these which want all to know without never to have dared to require it, Flu left to fornicate. For the good cause.

When one unloads in Second Life, which strikes us more, it is the vastness of the territory to be explored. Paradoxically, the population present and active on the waiter is quite less than lets it suggest the place available. Let us count 30.000 potential partners. It should be thought that space used is used for especially to align the fronts of stores without any salesman, vacuums of customers and abounding in strange goods. If you had never had the occasion to dredge during your hours of night inventory at Champion or in the handing-over with material of Micromania, here is finally the occasion to combine sordid and phantasms.

Beyond all these deserted gravers, the places intended for the satisfaction of virtual sexuality are often black of world. Or rather pink, or color flesh. With you to judge. To find this type of place, it is enough to know the only useful English word. SEX. One types it in the search engine of Second Life, in the category “places” without forgetting to notch the small “Mature” box, thus letting appear the results concerning the responsible and probably famished adults.

Once one noted the names of the éxotiques dairies or in phase with our phantasms, one must have to slip into his pocket some tickets. Our walk towards the coitus does nothing but start.

An obviousness which escapes to us, because we all are delivered of series with all the parts attached, it is that in Second Life, the misadventures are stripped of genitals. The zones concerned at the woman as at the man are virgin. Ni forms nor texture does not come to brighten the pubes. Therefore of many stores sell in disorder of the penises provided with purses, available at several stages of erection and sensitive to the external interactions. The equipment of the young ladies often constitutes suitable texture for the vagina, as well as interactive zones posed on the centres and the stomach.

Technically, in fact spheres react to the “touch” of the mouse when one clicks above, just like do it on sale the penises. One is filled with wonder in front of diversity at modelings, energy of the tube with two spheres, with the more complex achievements with precise textures and realistic forms. When his equipment was chosen, it is enough for us to equip it on the pelvis. It will place itself. For the young ladies, think of adjusting your chest.

As strange as that can appear, the significant zones of the woman are hidden and that of the men are visible as from the moment when the sex is positioned. It is with the image of reality, with the difference close which we are not obliged to seek in a back bag for finds a lost testicle.

Now that we the armament, we have need the ammunition. The misadventures of Second Life can be subjected to animations coming from outside, an object or another misadventure. When one assoit on a chair, the sitting position is one. Certain objects require the permission, others of us not. In general, the interactions of character with character are authorized. One can see people thus moving one on the back of the other, or being held by the hand. As one can notice it for certain seats and sofas, it is enough “to sit down” on the sphere of action which is posed above so that the misadventure gives an opinion.

This system is the same one for the sexual intercourse of Second Life. The positions and animations with two are composed of a sphere which you equip, and of another that you carry in levitation in the vicinity. It is necessary whereas the partner decides to sit down on your sphere and agrees “to undergo” animation. There is simpler and less indicator that a ball of color which floats in front of the pubis. One can also buy packs of animations, which, once equipped and solicited by the cat, directly will be addressed to the partner to propose to him to share the action.

Many conditions, and still, we speak there only about the technique.

to be continued…

Images from 711 Rain Street

Ten sexy video game guys


Ask and you shall receive! While you can find plenty of talk about sexy video game women, you don’t often find discussions about the guys, who are frequently easy on the eyes, too (though, not as frequently as with female characters). There are plenty of sexy video game guys and I could probably compose several different lists, each limited to just games from a few certain genres or a few companies’ output. Of course, I’m sure I missed some of your favorites (since there are so many) so feel free to make your additions in the comments.

The Sims games have an incredibly loyal following, an audience that has a large gay segment. That loyalty is driven by the ability to create reality as you want it to be. You can determine your characters’ sexual orientations and an active modding community means that the sims’ world is only limited by other players’ limitations. The Sims 2 also comes with a few storylines out-of-the-box, like that of Don Lothario, the new arrival to Pleasantville who’s been romancing both Calliente sisters and heiress Cassandra Goth. Of course, in my version of Pleasantville, it turned out that Don was also having an affair with Cassandra’s other suitor, Darren Dreamer…

Sega’s groundbreaking 3-D fighting game has long had stunning graphics (though it feels odd to look back at the first edition and try to remember when that was once innovative) but the latest editions have been stunning in the level of realism achieved. The third Virtua Fighter introduced detailed body motion and clothing that flowed realistically. (Watching Aoi’s kimono sleeves move with her jabs was always a treat to watch and there was something titillating about seeing an underwear waistband exposed every time the shirtless Wolf reached forward.) The newest edition introduces a masked wrestler, El Blaze, who helps make sure there’s no gender imbalance of sexiness in the Virtua Fighter series.

As a young samurai fighting the evil of legendary historical villain Nobunaga Oda (who, in this case, gained much of his power from demonic help), Samanosuke has a steady resolve and strength that makes it possible to battle on as he discovers more and more of the horrors behind Oda’s rise to power.

So. I was getting nostalgic the old Mortal Kombat games (remember when that FMV was so impressive?), looking at the characters for the latest Armageddon game and then I found this guy with the sexy devil-may-care, calm demeanor of a young Samuel Jackson. Now I’ve really got to get a copy, as I’m curious to see this guy in motion. (The MK franchise certainly added plenty of characters since I last played it — I don’t recognize most of these fighters! Am I the only one unsurprised to see that Johnny Cage hasn’t aged well, even with digital graphics on his side?)

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