can you imagine this is a love boat?

Project Genesis has dared to build the world’s largest cruise ship that any ocean liner has ever built. ‘Royal Caribbean’ a US$1.24 billion project is not only the world’s largest cruise ship but also the most expensive. One key of attraction is a lush, tropical park in the center of the ship which opens to the sky. Central parks which are size of a football field are also developed on the ship with an intention of giving the travelers a public gathering place. Aiming to give the ship a number of distinct districts, the Central park neighborhood is one of seven neighborhoods to be revealed on Project Genesis. The guests have an option of a casual dining or an elegant one at the new 150 Central Park. From Italian restaurants; Vintages wine bar; and Royal Caribbean’s signature Chops Grille steakhouse, unique Rising Tide bar – the first moving bar at sea and Canopy Bar, an impressive glass-domed canopy, the guest can chose anything to make their trip the most memorable one.

Royal Caribean 1,180 feet long, and carry 5400 passengers will be longer, wider and taller than the largest ocean liner ever built, (Cunard’s QE II), 43 per cent larger in size than the world’s largest cruise ship, (Freedom of the Seas) and remarkably, bigger than any military ship ever built, aircraft carriers included.

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the new gay iphone application

A gold watch for your gay lover

Time after time, we have incredible watches popping up that compel me to give up on all the other luxurious stuff and pen a few lines on them. The latest from Omega is the Speedmaster Broad Arrow Christmas 2007. It pays homage to its distinguished Speedmaster family line with its iconic “Broad Arrow” hands but, with a movement upgrade and luxurious details, it enters a new dimension and category of mechanical superiority and artistry. Boasting of the latest advances in watch technology this timepiece has been fitted with Omega’s exclusive Calibre 3313 along with the self-winding Co-Axial escapement. Packing a power reserve of 52 hours and featuring a convenient date window at 6 o’clock, it has been officially certified as a chronometer by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, the COSC. The 42 mm case of the Broad Arrow is available in a variety of metals: in sumptuous 18-carat red gold, 18-carat yellow gold, a dramatic combination of stainless steel and 18-carat red gold and more traditional stainless steel.

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Swim in your car for christmas

Swiss design company Rinspeed is known for its eccentric concepts, including last year’s translucent eXasis Concept and the “Splash” hydrofoil car that set a speed record crossing the English Channel. Rinspeed is once again turning to the water for its latest concept, although this time they will be heading below the surface instead of skimming above it. Set to debut at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the sQuba concept is the world’s first diving car, according to the company, and can be submerged up to 10 meters below the surface. An electric motor provides power to the rear wheels as well as two propellers and dual jet drives, and a futuristic cockpit comes with its own supply of oxygen. Like many of Rinspeed’s other unique creations, the sQuba will only remain a one-off and there are no plans for production. The press release from Rinspeed can be seen after the jump, and two not-so-real photos can be viewed in the gallery.

Offer a champagne fridge to your lover for christmas

At $70,000, Veuve Clicquot’s Porsche-designed champagne cooler is firmly in the rich moron category, and therefore will probably sell out the limited edition run of 15.

The 12 compartments each hold a magnum of Veuve’s bubbly, individually lit. The stainless steel behemoth stands over two meters (6′ 6″) tall, and stays at a constant 12ºC (54ºF).

A quick note on the kind of people who will buy this. I used to run a club in London, where the punters would often buy two magnums of Cristal champers – one to drink, and the other one to spray up the wall. They magnums went for around $1400 a pop (usually Daddy’s money), and Cristal was the bottle of choice, not because of its quality (it tastes like lemonade) but because it comes in an easily recognizable bottle.

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iphone or notebook?

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top gay iphone apps

Top Gay iPhone Apps
To help you navigate your way through the thousands of iPhone and iPod touch apps, here is a list of the top gay apps:
Gay History Project
Release Date: June 23, 2009
Price*: $2.99
This app includes over 150 LGBT historical events, places and influential people. Users can also share personal stories in the app forum.

Release Date: March 21, 2009
Price*: $2.99
This directory features over 25,000 LGBT-friendly businesses from hair salons to hotels and LGBT support services. Businesses are listed based on your current location.

Release Date: July 8, 2009
Price*: Free (with ads); $2.99/month (ad free)
Find a date on the go with this free location-based app. No logins are necessary. Just upload a picture, profile details and find men in your area.

Gay Quotes
Release Date: May 29, 2009
Price*: $1.99
A tap or shake puts inspirational to witty quotes from notable LGBT people at your fingertips. Show off your LGBT history skills or pass the time with quotes atop historical and landmark images.

GayInternetRadioLive (G.I.R.L)
Release Date: March 17, 2009
Price*: Free
Get a 24 hour live dance music and remix stream over your 3G network. Quality options include 128k and 64k.

Release Date: February 9, 2009
Price*: Free
Find LBGT-friendly restaurants, beaches, and bars in your area. This location-based guide also features pin-drop mapping.

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brig your lover in a helicopter hotel love night

The Hotelicopter is modeled on the Soviet-made Mil V-12, of which there were only two prototypes ever made.
The Hotelicopter Company purchased one of these prototypes from the Mikhail Leontyevich Mil helicopter plant in Panki-Tomilino, Russia in 2004 and have been engineering the world’s first flying hotel ever since.
“The Hotelicopter features 18 luxuriously- appointed rooms for adrenaline junkies seeking a truly unique and memorable travel experience.
Each soundproofed room is equipped with a queen-sized bed, fine linens, a mini-bar, coffee machine, wireless Internet access, and all the luxurious appointments you’d expect from a flying five star hotel.
Room service is available one hour after liftoff and prior to landing.”

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