would you say he is gay or straight?

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How to steal a gay kiss?

The first thing to keep in mind is–no lunging. Your movement into the first kiss should be a natural extension of a light, playful attitude towards touching that you have established from the start of the conversation, not some predatory lurch that comes out of the blue. So prepare the moment well in advance by getting him comfortable with being touched by you. We’re not talking about gross sexual groping, but instead a series of small gestures that lets him know you’re interested and not afraid of tactile contact. Examine his jewelry, feel the fabric of his shirt, flick some imaginary lint off his collar, grasp his forearm to make a point, lean in close to hear what he’s saying. Your friend should feel relaxed with your touch long before you’re ready to kiss him.

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What is straight again?

Wikipedia describes straight acting as, “The label often used by those who do not self-identify with the traditional, standardized perception of gay men. Because the term invokes negative stereotypes of gay people, its application is often controversial and may cause offense.”

But in the world where metro sexuality reigns, what is considered stereotypical gay? Is the stereotype a guy who wears short shorts, and speaks with a lisp like Mike Tyson? Or is it well-dressed and overly polished man who wears designer jeans like David Beckham?

The lines of sexuality based on someone’s appearance and actions seems to be blurring, yet the term ‘straight acting’ still seems to be overly relevant in gay culture.

If you watch the show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, most people would considerer Carson Kressley to be the flamboyant embodiment of the stereotypical gay man. However, there are many more men who consider themselves gay who act, dress, and look like Kyan Douglas, so it would, therefore, make sense that he in fact represents the stereotypical gay man.

If straight acting refers to not being stereotypically gay, then it should be deducted that his behavior and personality is actually what men are not seeking when they say they only want straight acting men. Or is the prejudice just against flamboyant behavior?

Certainly sites like Randy Blue, which hosts a bevy of beautiful men, most of whom claim to be straight, would not want to capture a flamboyant personality in porn, but is there any gay eroticism that does?

Colt Studio Group has mostly gay men in their videos, and it would be a challenge for any observer to find one of them acting in a flamboyant manner while participating in a scene. So why is the fantasy so much higher if the guys say they are straight?

This year, online viewers voted stunningly sexy Johnny Castle as Men Magazine’s Man of the year. Castle has appeared in gay erotica, although only in solo scenes, and professes in his interview that he is straight. Last years winner, Zeb Atlas, also considers himself straight. Although both men are extremely attractive, it does seem odd that a gay publication with gay readership would vote for straight guy as their man of a year two years in a row.

As the “gay for pay” phenomenon continues to grow, it is important to remember that porn is created to fulfill a fantasy. Gay or straight, the men are living out sexual desires that the watcher can appreciate from a far. Those fantasies, however, should not create a community that is longing to be something that they are not.

To appreciate a great body and a great face is one thing. But the next time you want a straight acting guy, be sure to figure out exactly what it is that you are asking for.

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Gay thoughts for a straight ad

Those images are just a cropped part from the ad … but any idea what those men are being used for !!? The answer

But before clicking away for the answer, check out this ad below … is this supposed to be gay friendly or unfriendly !!? I am not sure … and why aren’t the roles the other way around !!? or let’s put it this way … why aren’t both actors “young and cute” and not “young vs senator like look” !!!?

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