What a ballbra is for men

Ballbra is like wonderbra but for men package

Kreso Gotovac, 31, is the director/owner of Ballbra — a futuristic and high tech underwear that promise a unique wearing experience. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Kreso divides his time between there and Split, Croatia.

We sat down recently with Kreso to talk about Ballbra underwear.

UD: What brand, style and color underwear do you have on right now?
KG: White/Boxer Ballbra Model- size L

UD: How did the idea for Ballbra start? How’d you come up with the name?
KG: This is a question everyone wants to know. The idea came to me in August 2005, during our yearly catamaran boat cruise around the beautiful Adriatic islands in Croatia. Stopping on the island of Korcula, we had gone swimming on one of the local beaches. While lying on the beach I saw a gentleman’s balls fall from his underwear as he was changing in front of me. I thought straight away, this man needs a Ballbra and the design hit me immediately. Then I thought about how underwear these days has no excitement. I felt there was room for a new product such as a Ballbra. After much design and testing, Ballbra also came to be known as the world’s first ultimate sex underwear for men. Soon after arriving at my office from the trip, I met with my team and created the Ballbra lineup which is globally recognized today.

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