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Be there! Paris Pool Party next saturday


Pool Party in Barcelona, Miami, Ibiza, Rio, … Paris? The capital city had to welcome a huge event in an emblematic place to prove that you can go to the beach in Paris at another time than summer and another place than the Quai de Seine. Thus, this time, no need to fly abroad because Spirit Of Star will open the doors of Aquaboulevard especially for the occasion. Refreshing music and rythms of the best DJs will entertain you while you swim, splash and mess around in the water.

• 1st part 9.30 P.M. – 0.30. A.M. : entertainment, swimming & DJs
Swimming is permitted. Access is granted to all the water activities, water slides, giant wave of Paris biggest’s water park.

• 2nd part 0.30 A.M. – 6.00 A.M. : Clubbing only (no swimming)
Dancefloor around the pool starring Spirit Of Star’s Dream Team DJs – Aurel Devil, Cleo and Little Nemo – with the participation of the incredibly talented Rafael Calvente, one of Rio Carnival’s official DJs in 2009.

Don’t forget your swimming suit, flip-flops and pareos for the coolest spring you ever had in Paris!

Numerous activities and entertainments…

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pool party paris april 4th

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be ready for a pool party from 09:30PM to 11:59AM in paris

save the date, book your hotel, it’s on APril 4th, PAris Aquaboulevard Aquatic PArk.

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