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This year saw the release of Madonna’s eleventh studio album Hard Candy, which debuted in the top position of hit charts all over the world. Hard candy is Madonna’s first album released in her new record contract with Live Nation. Last year she announced her departure from Warner Bros – who will release a special compilation album by the end of this year – and signed a new deal with Live Nation for the coming 10 years, which indicates the Queen of Pop is not ready to retire yet.

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madonna in hard candy

Madonna – Nothing really matters

Filth and Wisdom madonna new movie released in berlin

Pinch me, I must be dreaming — Madonna directed a movie?! And it will receive its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival?! Will wonders never cease? The Associated Press is reporting that Filth and Wisdom “will screen in the Panorama section, outside the main competition.” A check of the festival web site turns up this press release, which confirms the news: “Music star Madonna will give her directorial debut alongside the works of underground star Bruce LaBruce and TEDDY winner 2007, Zero Chou from Taiwan.”

Madonna was rumored to be directing a film entitled Blade to the Heat, inspired by a 1959 boxing match which resulted in the death of one of the combatants after he slurred the other’s sexuality. That project may still be mired in development. Filth and Wisdom apparently stars Stephen Graham, Richard E. Grant and Eugene Hutz. Her official site says that she directed a television ad earlier this year, so she may be gearing up for more projects to come. Production on Filth and Wisdom, described as a low budget, 30-minute comedy possibly based on some of Madonna’s own life experiences, began in May.

The IMDb page lists Tim Maurice-Jones as cinematographer; he previously worked with Madonna’s hubby Guy Ritchie on Revolver and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Dan Cadan is listed as the writer; he’s also worked with Ritchie for years, steadily moving his way up the production chain.

In general, Madonna has not been well served on the big screen, though I have a soft spot for her role in Desperately Seeking Susan. I’m very curious to see how Filth and Wisdom turns out. Will Madonna become a director to reckon with? The Berlin Film Festival runs from February 7-17.

Well, it had to happen. Madonna has been a terrible actor in many, many films and now – fiercely aspirational as ever – she has graduated to being a terrible director. She has made a movie so incredibly bad that Berlin festivalgoers were staggering around yesterday in a state of clinical shock, deathly pale and mewing like maltreated kittens. She is also the producer and co-author of the script. If she’d done the location catering as well, they’d have had a Jonestown situation on their hands.

Her first feature may have been made relatively under the radar — at least for a woman of her stature — but iconic actress/author and all around uber pop star, now turned filmmaker, Madonna nevertheless made quite a splash in Berlin today. She landed on the cover of local tabloids ahead of the world premiere of her directorial debut Filth & Wisdom at the Berlinale tonight and huge crowds gathered wherever she went in public, from throngs of journalists at a press conference, a mob around the big screen TV broadcasting the live Q &A, a sea of fans outside the Berlin fest headquarters and later at the Zoo Palast theater. indieWIRE spent some quieter moments with Madonna during one of the few one-on-one interviews she gave earlier today.

Set in London, the film, which Madonna said was originally envisioned as a short, ultimately evolved into an 85-minute movie. It revolves around three friends desperate to better their lot in life, who must duel with the reality of their circumstances. While causing a stir at the Berlinale, the film is screening in the fest’s more artsy and understated Panorama section, alongside many other films from first-timers. Early word after today’s press screening seemed positive among those who caught the showing, with some saying that it exceeded their expectations.

Madonna plans for 2008

Queen Madonna will turn 50. That’s right the mega star will celebrate it with two albums. The first will be her eleventh studio album and the second will be a compilation album. That will complete the Warner contract. The studio album is expected to have an overall hip-hop feel, with Madonna lining up Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Danja, Felix Da Housecat, Swizz Beatz, Sean Garrett, Akon, Mark Stent to help her achieve R&B credibility. A source told The Sun: “Confessions was a worldwide smash — but this will be different once again. The last album was a credible disco record and Madonna wants to give hip-hop the same treatment this time. It’s not all hip-hop though; there are a lot of producers from a lot of genres in there. It could be her most ambitious project yet.” a song from the album ‘the beat goes on’ was lick to the net and it mix version become a hit in Israeli clubs.
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Madonna and Boy George plan a duet

Madonna revealed her new single “give it to me”


A few VIP’s were given the chance to preview tracks from Madonna’s upcoming album on Tuesday during a private event held at her label’s headquarters in New York City, according to fan site

An unidentified source told the site that Madonna revealed to those in attendance that the album, which she said she finished mixing a few days ago, has tentatively been titled Give It To Me after one of its 13 tracks and will be released in late April.

The mole revealed that the room where the party took place was decked out in a candyland-like theme, presumably in reference to the Pharrell-produced track, “Candyshop,” that may serve as the album’s lead single.

Another contender for the lead single, reported, is titled, “4 Minutes To Save The World,” purported to be an uptempo collaboration between Madonna and Justin Timberlake. (Timberlake and Timbaland are rumored to have worked on five songs with the “Hung Up” singer.)

Other track titles revealed during the event: “The Beat Goes On,” a demo of which leaked earlier this year (the re-worked version played on Tuesday reportedly includes Kanye West); “Dance Tonight, another Timberlake collabo; an “acoustic dance” tune called “Miles Away”; and a ballad, “The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You”.

Just for MAdonna lovers

Just for MAdonna lovers

Christ flagellation , gay version

This new movie opens with director Matthias von Fistenberg’s rendition of the classic “Flagellatio” – the flogging scene.

Jesus appears as an athletic young man tied to a cross, his suffering suggested rather than blatantly depicted. “Just as in Caravaggio’s most famous painting, the muscular priest viciously whips him,” explains von Fistenberg of his vision for the scene. “Later, the priest clutches his victim’s hair, spewing rage as he is about to hit, when finally he feels remorse and notices the beauty of Jesus. It’s this beauty that, for centuries now, was meant to both conceal and express innocence – the game’s winning chip carefully devised by the Church.”

The scene brings to mind the uproar that took place in 1989 surrounding the release of music legend Madonna’s controversial video, “Like a Prayer.”

That video imagined a black Jesus (already a heinous transgression to some) brought to life by the Big M’s worship, and proceeding to make out with her on a church pew. She is even clearly seen to masturbate over the fantasy of having sex with Christ.

Dark Alley just took out the middle step. In our version, Christ himself steps down from the cross to explore the passions of the flesh with his adoring priest, Adam Faust. “This is the Gospel revisited by a modern artist,” says von Fistenberg, “or as some wish, merely a pornographer, acquainted with the body language of the underworld.”

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