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Photographer: Ethan James (Model: Erik)
DNA fave Ethan James now sends us his shoot of Erik, a 20yr old model who lives in Jacksonville, Florida and who, apparently, is a dab hand with an axe.

“I first worked with Erik on a mini-shoot when I was passing through Florida for an academic conference. I was without a car at the conference so Erik kindly picked me up and off we went to shoot around on a couple of locations and back at his apartment. From the second I saw Erik I knew he had that glint in his eyes, the one that marks a model with determination, excellent character, and certain success. Our shoot in Florida was quite short, so I was most happy to learn that Erik was going to drive up to Tennessee to work with me again on a full shoot.

This time when he showed up he was in even better physical shape, more comfortable in front of the camera, and he really showed me that modeling isn’t something he’s just doing for fun. Erik and I shot over a couple of days around town and in the studio and banged out quite a few images that I’m proud to call definitive work. I applaud Erik for tackling 30 degree weather barefoot and sometimes wet – and he was never without a smile on his face and a professionalism in his eye to get the work done and make it solid.

Erik is a beautiful guy and I hope to work with him again in 2008. He has everything this photographer looks for in a guy – personality, strength of character, a funny bone, work ethic, and much more.”

As for Erik himself, he says: “I am super comfortable in front of the lens, and getting more comfortable every new time. I have a ton of drive, determination, and passion for this industry, and I am set out to make my mark.”

from dna