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Nico simply likes exhibitionnists. Nico lives in France and he is into this psychological focus between exhibitionnists and voyeurs.

I think he is a voyeur.

Here are some photos from his blog but uncensored ones are on Restoring Sex blog.

For example, wht this guys is doing after he gets his briefs off is here

Exhiboys Nico blog is here



Just love for the day. Enjoy your lover

Annoucing new blog on Restoring Sex blog

Did you know about the pink bracelet? Do you wear yours?

What is it? The PINK BRACELET is a direct way to support the mission of the Noble Beast Foundation, which is to spread the word: “It is O.K. to be Gay.” The Noble Beast Foundation runs an entertaining annual contest series, the Mr. Gay Competitions, which showcase leaders in the gay community.

Preview of Restoring

Here is the first surprise of the week.
The baby brother of is born:

Restoring Sex Blog here

Why twin blogs?

Because love means both love from the heart, and sex love, restoring love within a gay couple means restoring heart connection and sex connection.

Restoring is dedicated to the first topic.
Restoring Sex is dedicated to the second one.

I wish I could have managed both topics on Restoring LOve. May be you do not know that any gay blogger that
writes about sex or shows sex between men runs the permanent risk of having his blog closed. Those who read everyday know that it already happened twice to me, and every week my blogger pals tell me the same story.

Therefore there will be 2 blogs, one for everything but sex, and one for sex.
My dear readers will have twice for the price of one!

And for the opening of RestoringSex, I was waiting for something great. And something that I cannot believe somebody dared to produce has just been released:

“the story of Jesus Christ gay and the 12 gay apostles in video”.

Just be the first to discover Restoring and tell me what you think about.