Gay party gone wrong in Edo

Gay party was organised in a hotel in Oben community, off Sapele road in Benin City on Tuesday night degenerated into a free for all over allegations that a partner belonging to a particular young man was caught in a compromised position with another male during the party.


It would be recalled that this Act sponsored by Senator Domingo Obende then representing Edo North Senatorial District was one of the few private sponsored bills and were passed and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan in the last Senate.


“We have been suspecting the management of this hotel for some time now because the last time some girls who are lesbians held a party here. We were shocked that no single male was in attendance.”

“But today, I wanted to go and buy a drink at the hotel when a young man walked up to me at the gate and told me that his people have taken over the place. I was shocked to notice that ‎he was putting on tight leggings and wearing red lipstick and wig, so I left the place immediately.”


“It was later in the night that we heard loud noise and saw some boys fighting over another boy thereby attracting the neighbourhood,” the source said.”

It was, however, gathered that before police men on patrol could arrive the scene, most of the boys had absconded.

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Why the ‘Best Gay Bar in the World’ Is Here to Stay

After selling the Abbey to a hospitality company, original owner David Cooley recently bought back the famous West Hollywood haunt. He tells us why his bar will always be about more than martinis.

Along that journey, people would go to the Abbey when there was news. When we were happy, angry, defeated, or triumphant, we commiserated and celebrated at the Abbey, together. I was always proud that I could be part of the community in those moments and that we had a place like the Abbey, where we could be ourselves and share our experiences with our friends.

It has been an unexpected 25-year journey, and I can’t wait for the next 25 years to see how things change again.

People like to ask me what the Abbey means to the community. It means different things to different people. It is an establishment where you spend an afternoon with your friends, meet the love of your life, get over your ex, bring your parents, plot a political movement, meet your favorite celebrity, have a great cocktail, support a cause you believe in, dance the night away, go to your first gay bar, or do all of those things in one day. To me, the Abbey is my home. It’s where I always want to be. If you want to find out what the Abbey means to you, I will be here, working to make sure you have a great time.

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Gay tourists ask Spanish people to translate homophobic letter, their reactions will astound you

These reactions will definitely make your day.

When a young American couple arrived in Madrid , they looked for help ,after they made a reservation. When they asked for directions the hostel owner send them a note in Spanish.

They asked the people of Madrid what it means, and their reactions are astounding.

For it turns out the letter by the landlord is dripping with homophobic hatred. There is a threat to ‘punch their fucking face’ if he sees them kissing or holding hands in his hostel.

‘It’s better if you go to another hostel, because this one is not very good,’ one girl says, unable to tell them what the meaning of the letter actually is.

‘You go with this to the police, they can close his business,’ one man tells them. ‘This is disgusting,’ a woman says.

Made by Spain’s State Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals, the campaign is calling on people to report homophobic, biphobic and transphobic threats, insults or attacks.


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First Gay Marriage Take Place in Ireland

Richard Dowlin (L), 35, and Cormac Gollogly, 35, leave the South Clonmel Community Care Centre in County Tipperary after getting married, November 17, 2015. REUTERS/Cathal McNaughton

Barrister Cormac Gollogly, 35, from Terenure in Dublin, and banker Richard Dowling, 35, from Athlone, travelled to south Tipperary to be the first to tie the knot early on Tuesday morning.

The pair were already in a civil partnership, which they described as “really our wedding day”, and celebrated with friends and family at Kilshane House on September 18.

They had to return to Tipperary to exchange new vows and seal their full marriage.

To make sure they weren’t pipped at the post, they decided to go ahead with the formalities at Clonmel Community Care Centre where the registrar works rather than cross the road to a wedding venue.

“It feels really special, we feel so honoured and privileged to be not only the first but now that we actually are married as well,” said Mr Dowling.

“The registrar knew it was so important to us (to be first) so she said will we just do it here.

“Having had the big, lavish ceremony in Kilshane in September, we didn’t feel hard done by in that sense.”

Before two witnesses and senior registrar Mary Claire Heffernan, the couple signed the register on a hospital trolley in the waiting area of the centre at around 8.30am.

The pair have been together since meeting 12 years ago in one of Dublin’s main gay nightspots The George.

They got engaged after Mr Dowling proposed on a beach in Sitges, Spain, two years ago.

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More Than 1,500 People Left Mormon Church Over New Anti-Gay Rules

Ever since she was an infant being blessed during a church naming ceremony, Lindsay Matson had been on the books of the Mormon Church. As it has done with millions of other members, the church kept note of her spiritual life as she moved from congregation to congregation, took youth leadership posts and married at age 19 in a Mormon temple.


But now, she and other Mormons upset over new church policies that declare same-sex couples apostates and restrict their children from baptism and other rites are venting their objections by demanding that their names be struck from the church’s meticulously kept records.


During the weekend, Matson and two daughters, one of whom is gay, joined more than 1,000 people lining up in a park here beside the church’s temple spires for a mass resignation. Most had not been to church in years, but they described deep ties: They had grown up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, gone on missions, raised their children as Mormons. Even as their faith and attendance ebbed, they remained members on paper.


“There’s a constant contact when your name is on the record,” Matson said. “The church considers itself responsible for you.”


But walking away can be complicated, both emotionally and administratively, several Mormons at the mass resignation said.


“I’ve shed some tears,” said Kathy Franson, who said she had drifted from the church in large part because her son is gay. “It felt like a death of someone close to me. I compare it to a death, going through that mourning.”

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Mormon Church Punishing Children of Gay Marriage

The Mormon church’s latest dogmatic twist calls into question the faith’s family-friendly front. (“New Mormon policy bans acceptance of children of same-sex couples,” Nov. 6)

Now children of same-sex parents can’t be blessed or baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until they turn 18. Thus, they can’t be entered into church records or work toward fulfillment of a covenant with their faith’s God.

So, if a Mormon mother of previously blessed and baptized minors is widowed or divorced and then weds a woman, the children are barred from pursuing their religious goals until age 18.

In effect, Mormon policy now visits the (purported) sins of same-sex parents upon their children. So much for a family-friendly theology.

Sheridan West, Sherman Oaks stated:


“I can think of no more hypocritical a position. It is completely abusive, inconsistent and certainly does not conform to any concept of the greater God. It reeks of men’s pettiness.

I can only encourage Mormons to leave their church.”

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Passion Pit Coming Out as Gay

In case you missed it, Michael Angelakos of Alternative Rock band Passion Pit is trending across several sources after he came out as gay. The 28 year old addressed his sexuality while talking with author Bret Easton, on Ellis’ B.E.E. podcast yesterday, Monday (Nov. 9). It was the first time that Michael publicly addressed his sexuality. prior to the podcast appearance.

“I’m gay,” says Angelakos according to Pitchfork. “And that’s it. It just has to happen. This was exactly the type of situation where I don’t feel like I’m being threatened.”

This news comes on the heels of Angelakos’ recent marriage to stylist Kristy Mucci in 2013. The couple divorced last August.

The band has dedicated their 2014 album Kindred, to her. Angelakos discussed his heartfelt dedication to her while coming out on the podcast.

“I just wanted so badly to be straight, because I love her so much. I think that was one of the most painful things when we decided to separate.”

This isn’t the first time Angelakos made news, revealing personal issues publically. Back in 2012 he opened up about his battle with bipolar disorder after canceling a tour to seek treatment. He has since become an avid spokesman for mental health awareness. Perhaps this will lead to him also advocating for the LGBT community.

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How Gay is Pakistan? Mawaan Rizwan will give you the answer

Mawaan Rizwan is clearly at ease on screen, and right at the beginning of How Gay Is Pakistan? he was telling us about coming out as gay to his family last year: it was “the worst news ever for Pakistani parents”


In Pakistan, homosexuality is punishable by being stoned to death and considered to be a disease by some.

In Gay Times interview, Rizwan talks about how tolerant the country is.


GT: What made you want to do it?


Rizwan: “It is very personal to me. There has been so much progression of LGBT issues globally in the last decade. I wanted to know what was happening in my country of birth.”


GT: Why do you think Pakistan holds such a negative view of homosexuality?


Rizwan: “What scares me more than the negativity towards homosexuality is the underlying denial that it even exists. In an extremely patriarchal society the norm is for a man to marry a woman. Anything else is a threat to tradition and belief. However, it seems like gay sex is incredibly easy to find in Pakistan, as women are less accessible. And more shockingly, many men who have sex with other men (MSM) do not identify as ‘gay’.”


GT: Were there any positive moments during your trip?


Rizwan: “Yes, there were many positive and inspiring moments. Some people I spoke to said that since they have come out, one or two family members have been quite supportive. This goes to show that on a one-to-one human level, people might be more open-minded than expected. And many have said that thanks to the internet, people are feeling like they’re not alone and an LGBT community has started to emerge.”

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LGBT travel marketing mistakes are being made

Gay couple

LGBT travel interest is rising, and some travel firms are making too many marketing mistakes without even realising them.


LGBT marketing consultancy Out Now is running a survey, which is collecting data about how travel firms are perceiving LGBT sector.


In the survey, which mostly consists of travel operators, agents and accommodation providers, data was collected from 462 respondents. Some preliminary results were made, showing that 17% only began to target LGBT market in 2015, and just 19% of them said they believe that they made mistakes while doing it.


Ian Johnson, chief executive of Out Now, was expecting that this will be the main problem, particularly for businesses new to the LGBT market.


He shared a word of wisdom: “One key thing to watch is avoiding the use of rainbows in any campaign you build for this market. The consumer is aware you want their business, but if promotions feature rainbows strongly they will fear you don’t really understand their concerns as travellers and may take their business elsewhere.”


He also added: “Communicate visible awareness and genuine comfort in welcoming LGBT quests, without seeming superficial or opportunistic.”


While survey is still in progress, this results are just giving a brief picture. The survey will end at September 15, 2015. The final results will be presented on November 4, 2015 by Out Now at Welcome.LGBT.

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Gay Travel Destination: Bangkok

Bangkok is hot travel destination right now. Just out of its monsoon season, Thailand’s metropolis capital has made itself one of the most attractive and welcoming destinations to the LGBT travelers in all of Asia.


#1 Ayutthaya historic capital and ancient Buddhist ruins

Many tour companies offer excursions from Bangkok to Ayutthaya (about an hour and a half) to tour some of the most incredible Buddhist temple ruins in Southeast Asia.


#2 Bangkok Vanguards

This is as good a place with the unyielding hospitality of Thais mixed with the Buddhist nature of the country that made for one of the most welcoming and comfortable trips.


#3 Lumphini Park

You must visit the massive green space, where you can brush up against the locals and some of Southeast Asia’s most incredible wildlife all in one stroll. There are also the spirit houses, outdoor gym, public art, people watching and amateur chess tournaments. It is the ideal way to escape from the mind-boggling bustle of the big city.


#4 Sofitel So Bangkok

International gay couples abound at Sofitel So Bangkok.Sofitel So’s delectable restaurants, spa services and, especially, infamous pool parties attract demanding and fashionable guests from all over the world. Their rooms are some of the nicest in the world.


#5 Asiatique

It’s a little tough to get to, but worth the extra effort it takes. Asiatique is brimming with good finds, good deals, and – just as important – great photo ops.

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