Caitlyn Jenner Changes View On Gay Marriage: ‘Everyone’ Should Wed The ‘Person They Love’

Does Caitlyn Jenner finally support gay marriage? After sounding like she was against the idea on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ Cait took to her blog to say that everyone should be able to marry the ‘person they love.’

Many fans questioned whether Caitlyn Jenner, 65, was really in favor of gay marriage after an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Sept. 8. Ellen actually called Caitlyn out and said, “It’s funny cause you’re still kind of a little not on board with it,” after the I Am Cait star offered her tepid support for gay people being allowed to marry. Now, the former Olympic gold medal winner has taken to her blog to clarify her thoughts on the subject.

“Like many people, there was a time when I didn’t realize how important it is for gay couples to have the right to get married. But after hearing from my gay friends and learning more about the hardships they faced because of discrimination, it became clear to me that everyone should be able to marry the person they love,” she wrote one her website We love that Caitlyn made such a strong statement.

“She still has a judgment about gay marriage,” DeGeneres told Stern. “And I said, ‘You’re wanting people to understand and accept you…and you still have a judgment about gay people and marriage.’ “

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Out Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy apologizes for Native American chief costume

‘Didn’t realize I was being offensive and didn’t mean to marginalize or appropriate Native American culture’

The best freeskier in the world Gus Kenworthy had four different costumes for Halloween.

The fourth costume got him into a little bit of trouble on social media.

Kenworthy, who, last month, came out as a gay man publicly, posted a photo on Instagram of himself costumed as a Native American chief with the caption: ‘Halloween costume number four – two and three weren’t worth posting… Anddd for everyone giving me grief, I don’t really understand why this is racist or cultural appropriation – it’s Halloween! Just having fun! :)’

Kenworthy deleted photo, after grief didn’t stop and backslash grew to so high degree ,so he decided to apologize.

He wrote on Instagram: ‘Didn’t realize I was being offensive & didn’t mean to marginalize or appropriate Native American culture. Sorry! Pic deleted.’

Kenworthy previous costumes were a slutty mouse and a sexy cop , they were less controversial then this one.

Last year Kenworthy, 24, won an Olympic silver medal in Sochi, Russia. He is considered the best free skier in the world , he is a three-time world champion. He waited until he reached the top of his sport and became best before coming out publicly.

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Zimbabwe Activist Vows to Fight for Gay Rights Despite Mugabe Broadside


“Despite all these challenges and the speech by President Mugabe on Monday at the United Nations against gays, I will continue to fight for the rights of all our members,” said Samba.


“I feel honoured to be recognized for the work we are doing in Zimbabwe, although the road has not been easy but like any other person in the country we also want our basic human rights respected,” said Samba.


He said his father confronted him asking why he was a member of that organisation prompting him to share his secret and come out.


“After I came out my family was very supportive and have been ever since. I feel free to live the life I have always wanted to without fear of rejection or condemnation from those close to me. I no longer get questioned about why I prefer men or am not married yet,” said Samba

Transgender community.


Samba said he would be in the U.S capitol Washington, Wednesday to conduct meetings with organisations fighting for gay rights and other officials, before returning to Zimbabwe.

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Margaret Cho wants to officiate same-sex marriage at Tucson show

Margaret Cho is not kidding when she says she wants to marry a Tucson same-sex couple at her Rialto Theatre show next month.

“If a Tucson couple would like me to do the ceremony, I am open to it,” Cho said during a phone call Wednesday to chat about her “There’s No I in Team But There a Cho in Psycho Tour,” that pulls into Tucson Oct. 18. “I ask them only to tweet at me using #MarryMeMargaret and I’m there for you.”

Cho is hoping to officiate gay weddings at all of her tour stops, but so far she’s only got a couple lined up for her San Francisco show Oct. 15. The tour kicks off in Michigan Oct. 1 and runs through Nov. 14 before she takes it to Europe for a month of dates through December.

Cho has been performing gay weddings since then San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom “deputized” her in 2004, Cho said.

“I had Kim Davis’s job, essentially, but I actually did the job,” she said, referring to the controversial Kentucky county clerk who was jailed after refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. “(Newsom) allowed me to perform wedding ceremonies in City Hall in San Francisco, which was the site of Harvey Milk’s assassination. It’s a very, very healing thing to go to the place that is literally the site of the most tragic moment in gay political history and do something like marry gay couples there.”

Cho will marry one couple during her show. Interested couples can click here for details on how to apply

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Ads For Gay Dating Site Pulled By TTC

Shirtless men adds, were subsequently removed from TTC property.

“The ad was taken down as it promoted sex in public places, which is against the law,” said TTC spokesman Danny Nicholson.

Pink Triangle Press is owner of Squirt and they also published Daily Xtra. Andrew Nolan, their marketing director acknowledged the site contains a section for cruising but denied the ads promote illegal sex.

“Yelp also has cruising listings, but I very much doubt the TTC would remove a Yelp ad,” he said.

“We run ads in the U.K., the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand and we’ve never had any problems,” Nolan said. “So to have them removed in a diverse city like Toronto was disappointing.”

Nolan said the TTC would not provide the content of the complaints against the ads.

Attila Szatmari, Pink Triangle’s digital business director, questioned why other ads with sexual tones were allowed and not Squirt’s.

“Nobody is complaining about the Tommy Hilfiger underwear ads but once you see two guys or three guys then it’s no longer acceptable,” he told Daily Xtra.

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Chris Brown Calls Out TMZ’s “Gay Harvey”

According to our sources, a deal really was in place for CB to perform at the September 7 event, but details of the performance never got to Chris.

“Yall gotta stop with this bullsh*t. I was never booked. Yall love to say I’m homophobic and shit to have something to be mad at. I don’t care that you are gay Harvey. I applaud you and a person of your caliber should be finding outlets for young gay men/teens and women to be more open and comfortable about coming out,” he wrote.

Breezy continued, “Some of my friends have came out to me and I love them just the same. It would really be a blessing if u focused on real issues. But all these false stories to bring your site traffic is corny. But find another person to drag through the mud of lies. I know I’m talented but I’m not running for president any time soon so fall back wit all the nonsense.”

According to TMZ, Breezy was set to attend the September 7 event in the ATL, but the details about the appearance were never confirmed to the singer. The news outlet claims that the entire mix up with the event promoters was eventually settled and all Brown had to do was pay $12,500

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Gay sex workers demeaned and insulted by publisher of Left magazine

The humiliating op-ed was written by the the publisher of Left magazine, David Helton, after the Department of Homeland Security raided the offices of an online escort site,, and arrested employees and its CEO, charging them for conspiring to promote prostitution.


Helton at first made a clarification that he is not criticizing or judging anyone’s life choices, and that he has no moral objection to prostitution, but later on in the same article continued to write some pretty judgmental things.


To save you from reading very long post, he thinks gay sex work is “shady business” and those guys on should have known that this day was coming, because they were being so open regarding their chosen profession.


Two male escorts are sending the message: “So what if I want to be a hooker!”


Sean Zevran, gay porn star and escorts, responded on his blog article:


“I get it – the caricature of a prostitute, whore, hooker, or whichever derogatory term one chooses, makes us an easy target. Very few will defend what is supposedly the lowest of the lows, and words like David Helton’s that perpetuate the stigma and stereotypes of our industry are exactly why. But I challenge all of my readers to be smarter than that.”

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Listen to Surprised Stan Lee asking: “Is Iceman Really Gay?”

Iceman made his debut in The X-Men #1 back in 1963 and was created by artist Jack Kirby and co-creator Stan Lee.


Bobby Drake AKA Iceman came out as gay in Brian Michael Bendis’ All New X-Men #40, but it was something that no one told Stan Lee about.


The comic book legend was on BBC Radio 4 Today and the presenter informed him that Iceman had come out of the closet, much to his surprise.

“You telling me that, is the first I’ve heard that Iceman is gay, is Iceman really gay?” he asks before the presenter informs him that it was a big story in the New York Times.

“I don’t read the magazines anymore because my eyesight isn’t that good and the print is so small. As I said this is the first time I learned that Iceman is gay.”

“Wow! I never knew that,” he adds. “I don’t care what happens as long as they tell good stories.”

Listen the clip below:

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Iain Lee, BBC Radio Host, Leaves Show After Calling Guest’s Anti-Gay Views ‘Bigoted’

Iain Lee will no longer present his BBC Three Counties radio show following an interview in which he called a member of Christian Concern a ‘bigot’.

The interview was aired last week and involved Libby Powell of Christian Concern, who was defending a prison gardener who said he was being persecuted for telling prisoners to ‘repent’ for their homosexuality.

In the interview Iain asked her if she supported bigotry. When she attempted to refute him, he responded with: “Homophobia is bigotry. Do you support bigotry?”

He later said: “You’ve chosen not to question it, because you’re a bigot” when she defended anti-gay church teachings.

The BBC and Mr Lee have issued an apology but when asked on Twitter this morning if he was returning to the show, he simply replied ‘No.’

A spokeswoman for the BBC said: “In interviews with the Reverend Barry Trayhorn and a solicitor, Libby Powell about their understanding of biblical teaching on homosexuality, Iain Lee described comments by Rev Trayhorn as ‘obnoxious’ and ‘poisonous’ and called Ms Powell ‘bigoted.’

“While the programme is well-known for its combative style, the BBC fully accepts that the language the presenter used, and the tone in which he conducted these interviews, was at several points inappropriate.

“The BBC – and Iain Lee himself – wish to apologise for any offence that may have been caused.

“”Iain Lee will no longer be presenting his shows on the station but we want to take this opportunity to thank him and wish him well for the future.”

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Passion Pit Coming Out as Gay

In case you missed it, Michael Angelakos of Alternative Rock band Passion Pit is trending across several sources after he came out as gay. The 28 year old addressed his sexuality while talking with author Bret Easton, on Ellis’ B.E.E. podcast yesterday, Monday (Nov. 9). It was the first time that Michael publicly addressed his sexuality. prior to the podcast appearance.

“I’m gay,” says Angelakos according to Pitchfork. “And that’s it. It just has to happen. This was exactly the type of situation where I don’t feel like I’m being threatened.”

This news comes on the heels of Angelakos’ recent marriage to stylist Kristy Mucci in 2013. The couple divorced last August.

The band has dedicated their 2014 album Kindred, to her. Angelakos discussed his heartfelt dedication to her while coming out on the podcast.

“I just wanted so badly to be straight, because I love her so much. I think that was one of the most painful things when we decided to separate.”

This isn’t the first time Angelakos made news, revealing personal issues publically. Back in 2012 he opened up about his battle with bipolar disorder after canceling a tour to seek treatment. He has since become an avid spokesman for mental health awareness. Perhaps this will lead to him also advocating for the LGBT community.

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