I choose you! This gay Pokémon proposal is too cute for words

One loved-up guy was planning to pop the question to his Pokémon-loving boyfriend.

Tumblr user Brett Graham became a true Pokemon Master when popping the question to his partner Max in a truly epic style.

Pokemon adventures begin with a single choice – usually between a a water type, fire type, and a grass type.

When Brett decided to propose to Max, he decided their life adventure should begin in the same way- custom-designing three ‘starter’ rings and Pokéballs to hold them.

He explained: “It took me a while to figure out the right way to propose to Max, but I’m pretty damned proud of what I came up with.

A ‘fire type’ starter which is black with a red gem, and a ‘water type’ starter with a mother of pearl inlay. “A ‘grass type’ starter with a wooden inlay.

“I’ve been scheming like a madman for months.
Brett added: “Max, for his part, has been telling me pretty much every day since we’ve started that he’s going to marry me. Somehow, I was still nervous when it came time to ask about making that official.

“At the beginning of every adventure, you need to pick a partner. I chose him. So, I figured if he said yes, he could decide what to wear on his finger.

Max picked a Fire type and of course said yes.

Next big surprise is already being planned by Brett.

He said of the other two rings: “He gets those, too. The significance of the choice is that whatever he picked as his official starter will ‘evolve’ at milestone anniversaries. I got plans.”

We’re just glad a rival didn’t come along and take the one of the other rings.

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Boy George: ‘I slept with Prince’

Boy George has said he has slept with Prince.

During the show’s live audition stage the Voice coach made the claim in front of a studio audience, bringing production to a halt.

‘[It] sent the audience absolutely wild and forced producers to stop filming,’ an insider told The Sun.

Boy George talked with the other UK Voice coaches Will.i.am, Kaiser Chiefs’ Ricky Wilson and singer Paloma Faith on the subject of who they’d all duetted with in the past.

The gay singer-songwriter said: ‘I have duetted with some of the greatest soul singers in history including Luther Vandross and Smokey Robinson.’

Paloma responded: ‘Well OK, if we’re throwing big soul names out there I’ve performed with Prince.’

To which Boy George replied: ‘Forget that, darling, I’ve slept with Prince.’

The crowd went wild, the source said: ‘Production staff had to come up on stage and speak to them.

‘After that, Boy George started backtracking saying that he hadn’t really slept with Prince and that, he just had his poster on his wall in reality.

‘But as far as the crowd were concerned the cat was already out of the bag.’

The Voice UK returns in January on BBC 1.

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Gay party gone wrong in Edo

Gay party was organised in a hotel in Oben community, off Sapele road in Benin City on Tuesday night degenerated into a free for all over allegations that a partner belonging to a particular young man was caught in a compromised position with another male during the party.


It would be recalled that this Act sponsored by Senator Domingo Obende then representing Edo North Senatorial District was one of the few private sponsored bills and were passed and signed by President Goodluck Jonathan in the last Senate.


“We have been suspecting the management of this hotel for some time now because the last time some girls who are lesbians held a party here. We were shocked that no single male was in attendance.”

“But today, I wanted to go and buy a drink at the hotel when a young man walked up to me at the gate and told me that his people have taken over the place. I was shocked to notice that ‎he was putting on tight leggings and wearing red lipstick and wig, so I left the place immediately.”


“It was later in the night that we heard loud noise and saw some boys fighting over another boy thereby attracting the neighbourhood,” the source said.”

It was, however, gathered that before police men on patrol could arrive the scene, most of the boys had absconded.

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X-Men: Iceman is Coming Out as Gay

Iceman, AKA Bobby Drake, came out as gay in April in All-New X-Men #40 – a series which had younger versions of the original X-Men travel from the past to the present day to fight alongside the modern X-Men team.


However that left readers with a conundrum as present day Iceman in the ongoing series Uncanny X-Men continued to be portrayed as heterosexual.


Now Uncanny X-Men writer Brian Michael Bedis has addressed the issue by having the younger Iceman confront present day Iceman for being still in denial about his sexual orientation – asking him if he really wants to continue living that way.


In issue 600 of the series, released this week, the younger Bobby Drake confronts his future self, saying, ‘Hi much older me, I need to talk.’


‘I’m gay, it turns out, so that means you are too, right?’


‘I don’t think I want to live my whole life hiding this part of myself. I understand why maybe you did, though I’m not sure why you still do … You can keep doing whatever you want but I’m stuck here [in the present] and I think I’m going to try to live this my way.’


The older Iceman then breaks down and sheds a single tear of ice before confirming, ‘You’re going to be a mutant AND gay’ before asking, ‘how are you more put together than men?’


Marvel have not revealed any other details about the plot of Uncanny X-Men #600 but leaked three panels of the comic to The Advocate so it seems the entertainment giant is keen to get the LGBTI community interested.

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Gay man wins $15 million in lottery, asks Reddit how much he should give homophobic parents

Recently on Reddit a topic about a gay man who won more than $15 million in the lottery who asked how much should he give to his parents who doesn’t support him at all, blasted.

He said that he really wanted to donate some of the money to charity and invest the rest but his parents demanded a quarter of the money.

‘I’m a 29yr old guy and I won the lottery. And it’s enough that I don’t have to work ever again if I don’t want too (over 15m),’ he wrote

‘My problem? My family, mainly my parents, feel they are entitled to 1/4 of the amount. I offered to pay off their mortgages and give them a little sum but that’s not good enough once they found the total amount.’

His mother was oppressive from the start so he had to move an hour from that town in order to find his peace and said that his family as ‘the definition of a distant white middle-class family’.

‘When it comes down to it, I don’t feel like they are entitled to anything and I’m being as generous as I can be,’ he continued.

‘The conversation got ugly and when my mom said, “we raised you,” I immediately thought about how both my parents didn’t talk to me for 5yrs (ages 15-20), when they found out I was gay.

‘And I almost failed high school because of it. Is that raising someone? Obviously I have hangups.

‘How do I explain to them what my plans are again and how it doesn’t involve them?

‘I don’t want to ruin the relationships but I feel like the damage is done. I feel like a lot of people are going to say “Fuck them.”‘

The topic on reddit had a lot of comment. Most of them were advising him to give the quarter his parents want to the LGBTI charity in their name.

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Footballer reveals he was forced into gay sex slavery

A footballer has revealed he was brought to the UK as a teenager and forced into gay sex slavery.

Al Bangura, age 27, has fled from his family when he was told to head up the secret society that his father headed in Sierra Leone when he was 14.

He met a French man who promised to help him fulfill his life-long dream of being a soccer player, Leaving to Guinea two years later.

‘I didn’t know he had another different intention – to get me into the sex trade,’ Bangura said.

They went to France and then to the UK, where he was left alone in a building.

‘All of a sudden I saw two or three guys come around me, trying to rape me and make me do stuff,’ he said.

‘Because I was young and I was small, I just started screaming. They probably thought I knew what I was there for – obviously I know what I came over here for, I was here to play football.

‘I was just crying and proper screaming and I tried to make my way out – I was cold, I was crying, I was shaking, I didn’t know what to do, I was all over the place.

‘I made my way outside. I didn’t know where to start, I thought it was the end of my life.’

After seeking help from a Nigerian man he went to the Home Office and got help to claim asylum. The rest of his life has just began.

‘It was so emotional, because after a few months I’d kind of forgotten about what what I’d been through, it had been sad but I ended up coming to a good thing,’ he said.

‘It’s quite emotional to talk about it now, I’m happy I’ve got over it, but it’s sad for me.’

A total of 2,340 potential victims were trafficked from 96 countries – with 29% of them minors according to the the National Crime Agency.

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Famous video games that have same-sex storylines

If you are not familiar with the fact, gaming industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Video games are everyday fun for everybody, kids, teenagers and adults. Video game companies are very good when it comes to satisfy needs and expectations to massive number of players. We are talking millions and millions of users per game title.

Here are 5 famous video games with gay storyline:

#1: Mass Effect

One of the biggest companies, BioWare, encountered a lot of critics for implementing same-sex relationships as storyline option in the “Mass Effect” game. But huge number of gay players were excited and hailed the company for the move.

#2: Dragon Age

While this is mostly played to hunt wild dragons and save the world, the gay relationships make the game more interesting with added diversity. EA Games had to cancel pre-orders because some countries banned the game for “inappropriate” content.

#3: The Sims

One of the most popular games on the planet, is often leading the game industry with new options and gay storylines. “The Sims” franchise has always been progressive, introducing same-sex marriage and same-sex sex.

#4: Fable

Probably on of the most progressive games on this list. “Fable 3” takes it step further. Players are able to play as a prince or princess, also able to have same-sex marriage and raise children.

#5: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy 7” is known to be tolerant of diversity. But some moments in the game are left for interpretation. For example, watch this video, and tell us what it looks like to you.

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Gay sexual adventure game: D-5

This exclusive event that Restoring Love has discovered will start on saturday March 21st 2009 in Paris.
You will experience a 5 hour game full of humour, “sport”, “intellectual”, “sexual” tests.

You can come alone or with your friends. In any case you will be part of a gay team. Your mission will be to find clues about a cute hunk that has been kidnapped by a mysterious sect without hang ups.

This will lead you through several hot spots in historical Paris.

An experience that you will remember…

Book it on www.lostjeremey.com

The gay game of your dreams

Restoring Love has discovered a hallucinating adventure game for gays.

If you are still dreaming about adventure, mystery, thriller, love, sex and sensuality, come back tomorrow and discover the game of your dreams…

This sexual gay adventure game will start in Paris on saturday March 21st.
Should you be there, you must book the date and be prepared…

The gay game of your dreams

Restoring Love has discovered a hallucinating adventure game for gays.

If you are still dreaming about adventure, mystery, thriller, love, sex and sensuality, come back tomorrow and discover the game of your dreams…

This sexual gay adventure game will start in Paris on saturday January 10th.
Should you be there, you must book the date and be prepared…

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