Eric & Ruben

Before we close the coffin, does anyone has an idea to save Eric and Ruben’s couple?

I had a special deep body inspection at airport security


NEver fly with sneakers having electronics inside.

For thos who follows the stroy from the beginning, they remember my new sneakers

Yesterday I took Air FRance flight AF84 from Paris to San Francisco. And I had a special deep bosy inspection at airport security because of thses brand new sneakers having electronics inside. YOu can see the battery and the electronic ciscuits. And it is supposed to be very fashion. In fact for airport secutiy officers, it is very suspicious!

I thought I would not be able to go on board. Af the end, I was accompanied in a private car to the plane whereas all passengers have already been on board for a while.

Never travel with the latest sneakers with electronics inside!