Danii Minogue new single: Touch Me Like That

Did you know Danii Minogue the sister of Kylie



* Full Name: Danielle Jane Minogue.
* Born: October 20, 1971, in Melbourne, Australia.
* Eye Colour: Blue Eyes.
* Height: Five feet two inches.
* Family: Her mum, Carol, was a dancer with a ballet company before she married Dannii’s dad, Ron. Her older brother, Brendan is a TV cameraman, and we all know who her sister, Kylie is.
* Hobbies: Rollerblading, clubbing, working out, reading & watching movies.
* Dannii’s favourite albums of all time: The Big Blue Soundtrack, The Best Of Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonders’ Songs in the key of Life & Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite.


* Dannii used to be a vegan, but now is a fishetarian / vegetarian (that means she’s essentially a veggie but eats fish too!)
* Dannii loves snakes. “Yeah, they feel good, they’re all soft. In fact, they’re great – except when they bite you!” but is very afraid of spiders!!!!
* Dannii’s very eco-friendly. “If I go into anyone’s house, I always bug them and ask if they’re using environmentally-sound washing-up liquid. And I recycle all my rubbish, and try to conserve water and electricity. I always turn off lights, and I always turn my stereo off.”


June 1978: Role in Australian television series, “Skyways.”
October 1978: Role in Australian television series, “Sullivans.”
October 1979: Dannii appeared on, “Young Talent Time,” in Australia as Talent Discovery.
June 1982: Dannii joined, “Young Talent Time,” on the 11th birthday special as a permanent team member.
December 1985: “Young Talent Time,” album, “Now and Then,” is released, Dannii’s first solo, “Material Girl,” originally recorded by Madonna, was released on the album.
July 1987: A concert appearance with, “Young Talent Time,” at a Sydney Shopping Centre turns into a riot as 17, 000 fans mob the team, leaving several people injured.
August 1987: “Young Talent Time,” album, “Phenomenon,” is released. Dannii had two solo tracks, “Final Countdown,” by Europe and, “Let’s Go,” by The Cars’ released on the album.
April 1988: After almost six years, Dannii left, “Young Talent Time,” in preparation for her new role in a upcoming Channel Nine drama series, “All The Way,” which was set in the 60’s, hence the long preparation time.
July 1988: Dannii filmed, “New generation,” a half hour television variety show, to be screened internationally.
December 1988: Dannii appeared on the, “New Generation.” A tour with the, “Young Talent Team,” producing a series of Christmas concerts around Australia.
January 1989: Dannii signed a record contract with Mushroom Records, Australia.
July 1989: Dannii commenced recording and writing in New York with producers Alvin Moody and Vincent Bell.
August 1989: Dannii began filming the soap opera, “Home & Away,” playing the part of the rebellious Emma Jackson, a role written especially for her.
September 1989: The, “DANNII,” clothing label’s 1989 summer range is released in Australia and sells out in record time. Demand is so high that production immediately begins on Dannii’s designs for the second and third ranges for the season.
December 1989: The readers of Australia’s, “TV HITS,” magazine voted Dannii New Star of 1989. The occasion of Dannii joining Home & Away was voted amongst the Top 10 TV events of the year. Dannii was ranked amongst the sexiest people alive!
February 1990: Dannii’s debut single, “Love & Kisses,” is released throughout Australia, reaching number four. It stayed in the charts for fifteen weeks, exceeding Australian Gold status with sales of 60, 000 units and was the 48th best selling single of 1990.
March 1990: Dannii was nominated, “Most Popular Female TV Personality,” at the Australian Television Industry’s 1989 Logie Awards. The Variety Club of Australia presented Dannii with the, “Young Variety Award,” for 1989.
June 1990: After a year on, “Home & Away,” Dannii recorded her final scenes on the show and began preparations for the release of her debut LP. September 1990: Dannii’s second single, “Success,” is released in Australia, giving her a second top 40 hit.
October 1990: Within two weeks of release, her self-titled debut album, “DANNII,” races up the Australian charts.
November 1990: Dannii’s third single, “I Don’t Wanna Take this Pain,” is released in Australia.
December 1990: Mushroom records licensed Dannii’s recordings to MCA records for outside Australia and Japan.
January 1991: Dannii was voted, “Best Female TV Star,” in the UK, “TV HITS,” magazine.
February 1991: Dannii flies to Japan and Europe for promotions.
March 1991: “Love & Kisses,” released in the UK, peaking at number 8. Dannii was invited to lunch with Princess Diana, along with other celebrities for, “Help A London Child.” April 1991: “Love & Kisses,” was released in Japan(10/04/91), peaking at number 14. The Australian album was also released, under the name, “Party Jam.” Dannii performed before Princess Margaret at the Children’s Royal Variety Performance.
May 1991: Dannii’s second UK single, “Success,” (released 07/05/91) entered the charts at number 21, and peaked at number six two weeks later. Dannii signed to star in a feature film entitles, “Secrets,” announced at the Cannes Film Festival. London’s Radio One and Fast Forward magazine award Dannii as, “No 1 Woman of the Year.”
June 1991: Dannii’s Album, after considerable remixing, is released in Europe and Asia, and retitled, “Love & Kisses.” In the UK, it peaked at number 8. Dannii began her first feature film, “Secrets.” July 1991: “Jump To The Beat,” was released in the UK as Dannii’s third release, it peaked at number 8.
August 1991: Dannii began a promotional tour of South East Asia, resulting in top ten hits in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taipei and the Philippines. After two months in the UK top 40 the album, “Love & Kisses,” goes Gold.
September 1991: “Baby Love,” is released in the UK, peaking at number 14.
October 1991: UK, “Smash Hits,” readers vote Dannii, “Best New Artist,” and second only to Madonna as, “Most Fanciable Female,” and, “Best Female Singer In The World.” Her album was also nominated for, “Album Of The Year.”
November 1991: Dannii’s debut release in the US, “Jump To The Beat.” The launch of the single was at a reception held in her honour attended by a host of personalities including Mike Tyson and C&C Music Factory.
December 1991: “I Don’t Wanna Take this Pain,” released in the UK as Dannii’s fifth hit. The readers of UK, “BIG,” magazine vote Dannii, “The World’s Best Female Pop Star.”
January 1992: Dannii enters the poster charts at number 5 in Scandecor Posters Top 10, out selling the map of Britain.
February 1992: Dannii travels across America promoting her first single.
April 1992: Dannii flies back to London to commence writing tracks for her new album. Dannii’s remix album, “Love & Kisses And….” is released in the UK.
July 1992: Dannii performs with a star studded cast at the Cesme Music Festival in Turkey. This was the first time that Dannii and Kylie appeared on the same bill since they turned professional. Dannii’s asked to record a track on the, “NME,” charity album, “Ruby Trax,” an album featuring the biggest names in pop, performing their favourite number one songs from the last 40 years. They royalties from which are donated to the, “British Spastics Society.” Dannii decides to release a remake of the Jackson’s song, “Show You The Way To Go,” scoring a sixth top 40 hit. It ended up to be either this song or Tom Jones, “It’s Not Unusual!”
October 1992: Dannii Turns 21, with a party for close friends in London, followed by a big affair for friends and family in Australia in January.
November 1992: Dannii releases her seventh UK single, “Love’s On Every Corner,” written especially for her by Cathy Dennis. Dannii returns briefly to Australia for the premiere of, “Secrets.”
December 1992: The readers of, “BIG,” in the UK, vote Dannii amongst, “The World’s Top 5 Best Female Stars.”
February 1993: Dannii returns to the UK to host Channel 4’s morning show, “The BIG Breakfast.”
July 1993: Dannii released her eighth hit, “This Is It,” which peaked at number 10 in the UK. This made Dannii and Kylie the most successful sisters ever in the British charts.
September 1993: “This Is It,” released in Australia. “This Is The Way,” released in the UK, peaks at number 27.
October 1993: Dannii’s second Album, “Get Into You,” is released in the UK.
January 1994: Dannii got married (02/01/94) in Melbourne, Australia, to Julian McMahon.
March 1994: Dannii signed to Radikal Q records in the US. “This Is It,” released in the US.
May 1994: Dannii releases, “Get Into You,” (31/05/94) in the UK. Peaks at number 36.
July/August 1994: Dannii co-hosts, “The BIG Breakfast,” again. From 19/07/94 to 05/08/94. Dannii attempts to skydive from a plane 10, 000 feet up(05/08/94). Dannii said, “It’s the best thing I’ve done in my life. It was just so exhilarating.”
October 1995: Rumours of Dannii posing for a photoshoot for Australian Playboy Magazine.
January 1996: Dannii hosts UK kids Saturday morning Show, “Just Saturday.” June/July 1996: Dannii hosts, “The BIG Breakfast,” roadshow around the UK. Dannii hosts kids TV show in the UK, “Scoop.”
August 1996: Dannii appears in Loaded magazine.
September 1996: Dannii’s 1997 calendar released, in which she poses topless.
October 1996: Dannii appears in Sky magazine. Announced that Dannii has signed for Warner music.
November 1996: Dannii hosts Electric Circus on the BBC, a show involving videos, computers and movies. During the run of shows Dannii interview celebrities including Val Kilmer, Diana Ross, Cliff Richard and Chris O’Donnel.
December 1996:Dannii hosts Children Television Awards. Dannii appears On Rolf! chat show for Christmas.
January 1997: Dannii stars in Ant & Dec Unzipped, playing the part of Princess Hotty Totty in a sketch called Geordie Gorden: Space Blerk. Dannii continues to host Electric Circus, entertainment show.
May 1997: Dannii hosts Top Of The Pops on 02/05/97 and on 16/05/97.
June 1997: I receive an exclusive preview of Dannii’s forthcoming single ‘All I Wanna Do’. Dannii does a photo shoot in gorgeous sunny Miami. Dannii plays the gay pride concert, performing 3 songs, two older ones and All I Wanna Do.
August 1997: All I Wanna Do due released in the UK on August 11th.
October 1997: Everything I wanted released in the UK on October 20th, Dannii’s birthday.
December 1997: Dannii receives a Gold record for ‘All I Wanna Do’ sales in Australia.
February 1998: Dannii wins Best Video for ‘All I Wanna Do’ at the BRMB music awards (Birmingham, UK radio station) on 13/02/98. Dannii performed All I Wanna Do at the Sydney Mardi Gras, she did the 2am show and Kylie did the 4am show (Better the Devil). March 1998: Disremembrance released on March 16th.
June 1998: Dannii starts Dannii Unleashed, her first UK tour.
January 1999: Everlasting Night released only in Australia.
February 1999: Dannii the Singles Released in Australia. Dannii made the video for Everlasting Night at HOME nightclub in Sydney and also performed the track at the Mardi Gras live on stage at 1.15am.
March 1999: Dannii The Videos Released in Australia.
August 1999: Dannii appears in MacBeth at the Edinburgh Festival.
June 24th 2000: Dannii performs in London at the Inns of the Court Ball, for all lawyers and barristers. There was an auction on the night which Dannii helped with raising money for The Lighthouse Foundation (Aids Charity), and for the Young Homeless. Dannii performed some of her hits, a cover of the Abba song ‘Does Your Mother Know’ and three new demos that Dannii was working on – so it was a very exciting gig. It was the first time Dannii has worked with a full band – the same band she toured with for ‘Unleashed’ plus a drummer and a bass player.
June 30th 2000: Dannii does a special performance featuring some semi-acoustic songs. The night was called “an affair to remember,” it was being held in aid of the charity called Wildlifeline, the charity is helping stop illegal logging and the declining population of Orangutangs
February 13th 2001: Dannii appears in Notre Dame De Paris in London as Esmeralda.
July 2001: Dannii’s first trip to Ibiza. Dannii plays at superclub, Eden.
July 28th 2001: Dannii ends her performance in Notre Dame De Paris.
July 31st 2001: Dannii stars in the West End Play, The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler.
August 21st 2001: Dannii ends her performance in The Vagina Monologues.
October 28th 2001: Dannii appears in Maxim Magazine in the UK.
November 19th 2001: Who Do You Love Now released in the UK.
November 26th 2001: Who Do You Love Now charts at Number 3 in the Uk charts, Dannii’s highest ever chart position.
December 2001: Dannii signs 6 album deal with London Records.
April 2002: Dannii takes part in the Gala Performance of Vagina Monologues.
April 24th 2002: Dannii Won the Maxim Award for Best Stage Performance for her role of Esmeralda in Notre Dame De Paris. Dannii said about it, “thanks to Maxim and all the Maxim readers who voted for me. Iast year was just amazing having the opportunity to lead the West End show Notre Dame de Paris and this is the icing on the cake.”
16th July 2002: Dannii Announced New Single Release Put The Needle On It, released Monday October 7th.
26th August 2002: Dannii announced release of 2003 Calendar.
7th October 2002: Release of Put The Needle On It in the UK.
3rd March 2003: I Begin To Wonder UK Release.
17th March 2003: Neon Nights Album Released.
16th April 2003: Dannii won the Rhythm award at the Capital FM Awards.
9th June 2003: UK release of Don’t Wanna Lose This Feeling
August 2003: Dannii headlines the Mitchelstown Music Festival in Ireland, performing a sensational half hour set. Neon Nights is released in the USA
Sep 2003: Dannii is crowned Best Female Artist at the 2003 Disney Channel Awards.
Oct 2003: Dannii is voted the 13th Sexiest Woman in the World by UK newspaper News Of The World.
Nov 2003: I Begin To Wonder is released in the USA.
Jan 2004: Dannii appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine in India
Feb 2004: I Begin To Wonder was nominated for “Best Worldwide Single” at the American Dancestar 2004 Awards.
March 2004: Dannii was nominated in two categories at the 19th WMC International Dance Music Awards in the USA. I Begin To Wonder for Best Hi-Energy / Euro Release while Dannii was nominated for Best Dance Artists (solo).
May 2004: Dannii was the face of The Sanctuary Spa 2004 campaign. Dannii embarks on a two-day event in South Africa with Nelson Mandela. Unite Against Hunger is a food crisis relief program, headed by food and healthcare giant Tiger Brands. The charity ensures that more than 10,000 children across South Africa get much needed food every month.
June 2004: Come And Get It (Dannii Minogue and JCA) is released in Germany. Dannii performs and presents an award at the 2004 Viva Coment Awards in Budapest. Dannii is the 8th Sexiest Woman In The World of the last decade by FHM Magazine.
Sept 2004: You Won’t Forget About Me is No1 across three of the UK’s Official Club Charts.
Oct 2004: Dannii is appointed as the Ambassador for Young People for the Terrence Higgins Trust – the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. Dannii’s short film for Mercedes Benz, The Porter, is released.
Nov 2004: You Won’t Forget About Me charts at number 7 in the UK charts.
Dec 2005: Dannii and the Terrence Higgins Trust launch a campaign to raise awareness about HIV and encourage support from the public. The Wear Your Ribbon campaign co-insides with World AIDS Day.
Jan: 2005: You Won’t Forget About Me is named by the British music industry bible Music Week as the 5th biggest club hit of 2004.
Feb 2005: Dannii presents an award at the MTV Australian Video Music Awards.
April 2005: Dannii headlines the 7th Annual Gay Day at Paramount’s Great America. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the San Francisco Aids Foundation.
June 2005: Dannii takes part in the Crusaid Walk For Life in London.
Sep 2005: Perfection shoots to Number 1 on the Upfront Club Chart. Dannii attends the Pink Ice Ball (charity event for Cancer Research) in London and reads a special message from her dear sister Kylie.
Oct 2005: Perfection enters the UK charts at Number 11.Dannii brings Old Compton Street to a stand-still as she makes a personal appearance at London’s most famous gay bar G-A-Y.
Dec 2005: Dannii and the Terrence Higgins Trust lauch a new photograph (funded by Hello! Magazine) to promote World AIDS Day 2005. It’s hoped he photograph will help promote sales of the World AIDS Day red ribbons which directly raise funds for Terrence Higgins Trust.
Jan 2006: Instint Entertainment announce Dannii will star in a new thriller / love feature film called Except East Richmond. Perfection is released in Australia by Central Station Records.
April 2006: Dannii features on the front covers of Cosmopolitan and British GQ.
June 2006: So Under Pressure is released, which gives Dannii her 10th number one in the club charts. Dannii’s greatest hits album, featuring six brand new tracks follows this release in the UK, entitled “The Hits and Beyond”. The album launch at Becca in London has Steve Pitron on the decks, spinning a unique set of Mash Ups created especially for the night. The album release is followed by a full house at G.A.Y.
September 2006: Dannii records her first ever festive track, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” which appears alongside tracks from other Australian stars such as Delta Goodrem and The Young Divas on “The Spirit Of Christmas” album, sold at Myers stores in Australia in aid of The Salvation Army.
November 2006: Dannii hooks up with one of London’s hottest handbag designers, Tabitha, to create the stunning “Tiger” clutch bag, to raise money for the Terence Higgins Trust.
December 2006: “He’s The Greatest Dancer”, which Dannii performed for the BBC’s Children In Need, is released in Australia. Dannii appears with Kylie to perform the duet Kids on Kylies concert ‘Showgirl – the Homecoming Tour’ at the Rod Laver Arena. Channel Seven (Australia) announce that Dannii Minogue will be a judge on new programme, “Australia’s Got Talent”, created by Simon Cowell.
18th February 2007: “Australia’s Got Talent” is aired on Channel Seven in Australia.
30th April 2007: The final of Australia’s Got Talent, Australia voted, and Bonnie Anderson was the first $250,000 Australia’s Got Talent prize winner.
4th June 2007: After weeks of speculation, UK channel ITV1 confirmed the two new Judges for the fourth series of The X Factor. Choreographer Brian Friedman and singer Dannii Minogue will join Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell on the show when it returns to the channel later this year.

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