IMAGES: Sunday with two gay dads

“Gays With Kids” made a beautiful video, showing how gay families are just like any other family.


This video is created by “Gays With Kids” support group, that captures the average Sunday routine for a gorgeous gay family based in New York. Gay couple Corey and Rocco, with their young son Forge, are main stars in the film.


They start Sunday routine with a breakfast, which will give them all three enough energy for “indoor and outdoor play time”.


When Sun is high, they are packing and visiting Forge’s grandparents house. Forge’s grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins can’t wait to play with him.


After some play time and delicious home-cooked meals, the family is heading back home for bath time, and to prepare for bed.


“Gays With Kids” is a support group that provides help for gay dads and men considering fatherhood.


Its founders said that this and other similar videos can encourage other gay men to start a family, and also to support the idea of LGBT families by showing, both gay and straight people, that gay families are just like other families.


After release of the video, many gay people were inspired, and sent few hundreds of messages of love and support to the “Gays With Kids”.


“What a lovely family you’ve got guys, so happy for you” – Said one of the viewers.


“This is one beautiful video. I cried a little bit because of it.” – said the other viewer.


Watch full video here, and tell us what you think about it in the comment section below.


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