The Asia Prints for Autumn 2015 Collection

Even in Autumn, you can look hot with this new Mundo Unico Asia Collection for Autumn 2015. The Asia collection features seven print designs with a stunning oriental flair. Take a look at this selection.



The Calabazas Short Boxer features a black Halloween-themed design with jack-o-lanterns and an orange waistband.


The Nanaya Short Boxer print is a rich purple color design with a geometric print.


The Shala and Sake Mundo Asia prints features elephants and bicycles, with shades of gray. The Sake print is also available in a longer mid boxer cut.


The Yakushima Short Boxer features a touch of class with a gold waistband to accent the body’s deep red marsala floral print. Red is considered as a good luck in China.


The Faysal Short Boxer is designed with a koi fish print that uses different blues with black and white to create a unique pair of underwear.


The Kabayaki Short Boxer features similar design as the Faysal Short Boxer, but with more focus on the water rather than the koi. The Kabayaki design is more turquoise than navy, and also the only print that comes in a jock style.

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Clever updates its underwear style in the new Fall collection

To stand out and to feel flirty in upcoming Autumn times, the Clever updated style in the new Fall collection. Photographer Armando Adajar did a photoshooting session with models David Rest and Arad Winwin, to present you the new style.

Featuring the unique design, a lot of colors and fun, this underwear will be in center of your attention, even with those models with killer body.

The 2243 Danzze Boxer and the 2224 Morelo Boxer are featured in the first few photos. The Danzze Boxer are the one that has a colorful prismatic design. This print shows the colorful, shapely Geometric prints that are available in this new collection done by Clever.

If you like stretchy and soft underwear, the 2224 Morelo Boxer will be just right for your needs. This model is made from a retro jersey material, and available in various fun colors that will have you standing out.

The Pinerolo Cheeky Brief and the Spezia Latin Boxer are for those who prefer more subtle touches. The stripes design that is featured in the Pinerolo are pretty subtle, and hard to see at distance. Because of the stripes design, and similar color, they are hard to see. You will need to get closer to notice the difference.

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