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More signs that the Beijing Olympics may be among the strangest ever held, in a cultural sense:

Chinese authorities have ordered the hot Beijing gay club Destination to shut its dance floor until further notice, in another sign of a crackdown prior to the Aug. 8 start of the Olympics.

Destination, the city’s only gay club, has had to block off their dance floor. The sight of hundreds of gay men clad in white singlets flirting on the street in the early hours of the morning was too much for [local authorities]. The club was told it was too small to be a club and it had to enlarge before they could let the gay boys dance again. The city’s main gay sauna was raided a couple of months back when some of the workers and patrons were detained for several days and only released after paying “fines,” according to an aids activist. Destination and a string of straight clubs lie alongside Worker’s Stadium, one of the Olympic venues. Because of this, club owners believe they may have to close down altogether during the three weeks of Games because the police are worried about security.

At the same time as authorities basically shut down Destination, the state-run news agency Xinhua runs an article touting that “Beijing’s gay scene comes out of the closet.”

When owners Wang Qiang, “Edmund” Yang and their friends dreamed up Destination three years ago, they wanted to create a place for gays and lesbians to hang out “with dance music in tune with clubs in other major cities such as New York and London”.

At weekends, the floor is always crowded with young men dancing close to each other to hit songs from Rihanna, Justin Timberlake or Kanye West. The strobe lights flash over their ecstatic faces and sweating bodies. Some stand in the corner drinking, flirting or just watching. … Today, China’s young gay men enjoy a freer environment. With the thriving online gay communities, such as,, gays can easily find each other and arrange activities through on-line forums or chat rooms.

The article goes on to say that the government doesn’t bother people at Destination as long as nothing illegal goes on. But it fails to mention the shutting down of the dance floor, which renders the club pretty useless for now.

So, authorities clamp down on a gay dance club at the same time media tout China’s increasing openness towards gays. Then we have the odd case of Guangdong TV news presenter, Ou Zhihang, featured in an Xinua photo essay doing pushups nude at various historic sites around China.

He was snapped in the buff in front of the Bird’s Nest (Beijing’s main Olympic venue, the National Stadium), on the top of the Great Wall, and what should have been very early in the morning in Hong Kong’s Golden Bauhinia Square among others. “I love my country, I also love my body,” Xinhua cites him as saying in his blog. “I contrast my tiny body with the ‘miracle of the world’ through the popular exercise – push ups.” One can only be thankful he chose the push up and not the squat jump.

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great gay pride in san diego

More than 100,000 people lined University Avenue in Hillcrest last Saturday for the 34th annual San Diego Pride Parade, in which participants celebrated the newly won right to same-sex marriage in California.

Early in the parade, a contingent of 40 long-term couples marched to “roaring applause” and displayed placards listing their marital status and length of time they’ve been together.
The parade was the highlight of the weekend-long LGBT Pride Festival in Balboa Park, with the theme of “Live, Love, Be.”

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techniques for kissing

Now is your chance I The moment you feel the tip of your nose touch his scalp, purse your lips and kiss him, the while you inhale a deep breath of air that is redolent with the exquisite odor of his hair. it is then but a few inches to his ear. Touch the rim of his ear with your lips in a sort of brushing motion. Breathe gently into the delicate shell. Some men react passionately to this subtle act. Brush past him here in this way again and note his reaction. If he draws him head away, return to his hair and sniff luxuriously of it. Then: settle back to his ear, the while you murmur “sweet, airy nothings” into it. From the ear to his neck is but another few inches.. Let your lips traverse this distance quickly and then dart into the nape and, with your lips well pursed, nip the skin there, using the same gentleness as would a cat lifting him precious kittens.

Then, with a series of little nips, bring your lips around from the nape of his neck to the curving, swerve of his jaw, close to the ear. Gently kiss the lobe of his ear. But be sure, to return to the tender softness of his jaw. From then on, the way should be clear to you. Nuzzle your lips along the soft, downy expanse until you reach the comer of his lips. You will know when this happens because, suddenly, you will feel a strange stiffening of ‘his shoulders under your arm. The reason for this is that the lips constitute one of the main erogenous zones of the body. The nerve ends in it are so sensitive that the slightest contact with them sends a pleasurable thrill immediately through the nervous system, through the medulla portion of the brain, back through the nervous system again, through branches which connect up with motor nerves, in this case the nerves that control the sphyncter muscles of the mouth and lips, and the sexual glands which were mentioned before.

In plain English, the kissee knows he is to be kissed.

Alright. You have subtly kissed the corner of his mouth. Don’t hesitate. Push on further to more pleasurable spots. Ahead of you lies that which had been promised in your dreams, the tender, luscious lips of the man you love. But don’t sit idly by and watch them quivering.

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