Happy new year Dubai

Happy new year Sydney

A perfect new year eve

I hope your new year eve will start like that…

and go on like that…
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New Year Eve Show on Restoring Love

It is a tradition to go and see a wonderful fairy show on NEw year Eve.
So I wanted to offer to you one of the most fabulous show I have ever seen, the one of “the Farfadais”, because it is beautiful, magic, and the guys are to die for.

Hot winter men playing in sexy underwear

Featuring Israeli Porn Star Omer Berger
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Google and new energy

Google, the Internet company with a seemingly limitless source of revenue, plans to get into the business of finding limitless sources of energy.The company, based in Mountain View, Calif., announced Tuesday that it intended to develop and help stimulate the creation of renewable energy technologies that are cheaper than coal-generated power. Google said it would spend hundreds of millions of dollars, part of that to hire engineers and energy experts to investigate alternative energies like solar, geothermal and wind power. The effort is aimed at reducing Google’s own mounting energy costs to run its vast data centers, while also fighting climate change and helping to reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

“We see technologies we think can mature into very capable industries that can generate electricity cheaper than coal,” said Larry Page, a Google founder and president of products, “and we don’t see people talking about that as much as we would like.”

May be we will be able to be nude all time with these energies!

Russia Russia Russia Gays united

Moscow gay pride organizer Nikolai Alekseev will soon face charges of slander and insult for allegedly outing former parliament member Alexander Chuev on live national television, reports the UK Gay News.

Speaking on the NTV channel’s talk show K Baryeru! on June 21, Alekseev reportedly called the state Duma deputy a “gay, coward, and hypocrite.” It was the first outing of a gay politician in Russia.

Six days later, Chuev sent a complaint to the General Prosecution department questioning whether Alekseev breached articles 129 (slander), 130 (insult), and 282 (incitement of hatred) of the Russian Criminal Code. The case was transferred to Moscow prosecution, which began a criminal investigation on July 31.

The criminal case against the Moscow pride organizer is expected to arrive in court shortly. The court will have to give the final verdict whether Alekseev committed any crime under Russian law.

According to UK Gay News, Alekseev recently said, “The criminal case against me was conducted with multiple breaches of legislation and the investigators failed to find any prove of my guilt. Until the court hearing I have no right to disclose the details of the case and the proof that is [to be] used against me. But during the court process, many details will become known.”

Alekseev added that he believes the court has no other choice but to find him innocent, “though in the current condition of pressure from authorities I can not exclude that the decision of the court will not be fair which is not anymore a surprise to us. In any case we are ready to lead this case up to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.”

Regardless of the outcome, the pride organizer feels the end justified the means: “We reached the main goal of defeating Mr. Chuev in Duma elections in December.”

Hot dirty gay working men

The temperature is hot. The photos will be released in February 2008 on the site “X-posed” …
I want these working men at home!

Photographer is Dylan Rosser.

discovered on Acausedesgarcons

Super boat for hot guys with speed engines

Although New Zealander Pete Bethune’s past attempts to circumnavigate the globe in a boat have met with failures and disasters, he still hasn’t lost hope. He plans to embark on yet another journey to go around the world with his crew. But what makes his efforts different from the rest is that he plans on using human fat to power his boat. He and two other Earthrace crew members underwent liposuction and gathered around 2.5 gallons of fat from their bodies, which produced almost two gallons of fuel (enough to go 9 miles under optimum conditions). The group plans to go around the globe in 65 days at an average of 23 to 29 mph. The current record for circumnavigating the globe is 74 days and 20 hours and 58 minutes, set in 1998 by the British vessel Cable and Wireless Adventurer. Their 78-foot-long boat – Earthrace is fueled entirely with biodiesel and Bethune says it emits 78 percent less pollution than conventional diesel vessels. The vessel is powered by two 540 horsepower Cummins Mercruiser engines and cost almost $3 million to build. Craig Loomes Design designed the trimaran around a needle-like wave piercing hull. This allows Earthrace to slice through waves and can be submerged under 21 feet of water rather than sailing over them.

viewed here

What a ballbra is for men

Ballbra is like wonderbra but for men package

Kreso Gotovac, 31, is the director/owner of Ballbra — a futuristic and high tech underwear that promise a unique wearing experience. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Kreso divides his time between there and Split, Croatia.

We sat down recently with Kreso to talk about Ballbra underwear.

UD: What brand, style and color underwear do you have on right now?
KG: White/Boxer Ballbra Model- size L

UD: How did the idea for Ballbra start? How’d you come up with the name?
KG: This is a question everyone wants to know. The idea came to me in August 2005, during our yearly catamaran boat cruise around the beautiful Adriatic islands in Croatia. Stopping on the island of Korcula, we had gone swimming on one of the local beaches. While lying on the beach I saw a gentleman’s balls fall from his underwear as he was changing in front of me. I thought straight away, this man needs a Ballbra and the design hit me immediately. Then I thought about how underwear these days has no excitement. I felt there was room for a new product such as a Ballbra. After much design and testing, Ballbra also came to be known as the world’s first ultimate sex underwear for men. Soon after arriving at my office from the trip, I met with my team and created the Ballbra lineup which is globally recognized today.

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