Traveling to the homosexual tourists, of course, this guide entitled “Gay Latitude,” said their places (50) where they are welcome in the island. “This is an assurance that the reception will be warm and the same for everybody,” says Valerie Angaud, president of the Association of acceding to the charter host gay-friendly meeting, any young association. No more? Not. “This is not a community action. In addition, Reunion is a land of discovery and adventure. On this, as in the guide. “


Defeated therefore the idea that gay clientele is attracted by the high places of celebration.

“According to surveys, 65% of them want a normal tourism,” Stephane certify Bonneau, responsible for the design of the guide. Side nature, they will be served at the Meeting. And next … as quiet nights. The booklet entitled “Latitude Gay,” says the same from the beginning to its readers that “The meeting is not an ideal destination for gay tourists seeking sexual adventure.” So single refrain. In the final specification, the guide cowardly still five meeting places for gays in La Reunion. However, the initiators of the guide believe that gay tourists were one step ahead of popular destinations. They decided to offer them Reunion “as different from the traditional destinations for gays and rely on enthusiasm which then spread to other tourists. It is not understood what Vincent Cornez when he moved here a year ago. A gay magazine had decided to come praising the island as “one of the island’s favorite homos.” “That was the wind,” he reported today. It is part of gays who are looking for places to live and output for gays, very few places on the island. “A single gay beach here, the Mouse Hot … And it seems that the policies would have to get rid of.” “Latitude Gay” will not meet the expectations of Vincent, but it has the merit of being clear and honest about the local reality. The guide was published 15000 copies. “Professionals must do this to be,” says Valerie Angaud. The chairman explained that the purpose is not purely economic. “This must be a mindset of professionals, a spirit of welcome and love for each other.” A commission of control and development of the gay-friendly charter meeting has even been installed. Take note, however, that if the tourism industry at the root of this guide has been achieved without any subsidy. Take note also that the location of the moment is gay Sydney …

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