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Why this blog

After 3 years sharing my life with my boyfriend, I became aware that we experienced one year and a half of a fulfilling life, and the other one year and a half led us to this vanilla love where it is savour free. Vanilla sex when you have sex once a week on sunday morning at 09:00 AM.

I am a passionate guy and I have just decided to restore love in my couple. I dont know how to do it, but I want to. Internet is such a universal source of information and ideas that I decided to open this blog to gather advices from my blog visitors: those who experience a succeful couple, a successful couple life, and those who experience the same downside. Let’s share together and restore love! 🙂 This blog is not exhibitionism. This blog is a way to gather our knowledge and the knowledge of all readers to succeed in the fabulous challenge of restoring love for our couple, and for all couples experiencing the same loss of driving forces. Browsing this blog will give you ideas to enhance your love and sexual life. 🙂

Let us share one idea per day to become great lovers and save our couples!