Pick Your Favorite Fall Season Collection

Fall is here, and our favorite brands updated styles in their new fall season collections. We are presenting six fall collections that made us exciting and craving.

BodyAware: If you like to try out a unique style and to impress your partner, you should definitely check out the Undercover Bodysuit. This tight body suit will accentuate your masculinity, and a snap pouch will fit your member perfectly. Unsnap it for playtime!

Aware Soho: This collection is offering lively colors, stripes and patterns that will make you feel and look good. This fall’s Underwear Collection will make your manly thighs look amazing in classic cuts.

Bear Skn: These black and neon combinations will be a fun change from your ordinary underwear styles. Get wild in the Neon Collection. These are also perfect for larger men, since sizes go up to 4XL.

teamm8: If you are looking for sporty styles in vibrant colors and stripes, and you are also active guy who likes to look and feel good in his underwear, you must take a look at the Stadium Collection.

Palmacea: Planning your tropical vacation? These loose fitting colorful swim shorts will give you enough room to move around and be active while not giving up a stylish edge! Check out the Swim Short Trunks Collection.

Frank Dandy: Each style stresses peace and stricter gun control, messages that the Non-Violence Movement stresses heavily. Join the fight against violence in the Non-Violence Collection. Slip into one of these styles and fight for a more peaceful world!

In the comment section below, tell us what is your favorite collection, and why.

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Prince William speaks strongly against anti-LGBT bullying

As Pink News website is reporting, Prince William was joining an anti-bullying workshop at a British school on Monday. He said that if he would be a witness of an anti-LGBT bullying, he would step up and comfort the victim, and confront the attacker.

Referring to a chart of how to tackle homophobia, he said: “I would start on that side [comfort the victim] and end up here [confront the bully].”” – the website reporting.

In history, to this date, members of the royal family were strongly avoiding to talk about LGBT issues. Most likely reason for that is that about 90 percent of the population of the British Commonwealth lives under anti-LGBT laws.

Prince William is a first for the royal family of the United Kingdom to strongly speak out against anti-LGBT bullying.

Education Secretary and Equalities Minister Nicky Morgan and staff of the Diana Award were accompanying Prince William to the Hammersmith Academy.

According to the Pink News website: “Though the comments may seem minor, they are a strong statement of intent from the future Monarch – who may one day be charged with deciding to “confront” anti-gay leaders from across the Commonwealth,”

Interesting fact, while Prince William was serving in the Royal Air Force, he served along with a transgender pilot.

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Towel is not necessary

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VIDEO: 7 Gay Proposals Aided by Celebrities

With a recent event, when Madonna paused her Rebel Heart Tour in Canada to offer her microphone to a gay couple to make a proposal, we are showing you how other celebrities helped others make a proposals of their life.


Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres welcomed a gay couple, from Florida, oup on the stage.


People across the world were inspired with his song “Same Love”, and it’s not a surprise that these two couples felt like that was the perfect soundtrack for their proposals.

Lady Gaga

Last year, in front of about 21,000 people in Manchester Arena, Lady Gaga helped a man propose to his boyfriend.


Kesha officiated two gay couple weddings, and on this picture, she is ordaining her hairdresser friend’s wedding.

Kylie Minogue

This man was waiting for the perfect moment to propose to his boyfriend. He waited three years, and finally got his chance to propose with Kylie Minogue on stage.

Mariah Carey

Boyfriend of this guy told him: “You can’t marry me until I have met Mariah Carey”. And he did just that.

Jennifer Hudson

This couple ties the knot as part of the #TurnItUpForChange – Human Rights Campaign, and Jennifer Hudson crashes their wedding.

The Grammys

This huge moment in the Grammys history, when Macklemore, Madonna and Queen Latifa came together to marry 33 couples. In front of millions of viewers all over the world, both gay and straight couples married.

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Brisbane Hustlers Stip For New Calendar To Raise Funds For 2016 Bingham Cup

The Brisbane Hustlers, Queensland’s gay rugby union club, decided to stip down in new calendar to raise funds for 2016 Bingham Cup, that will be held in Nashville, USA.

Sometimes, this tournament is referred as the “World Cup of Gay Rugby”, and this will be the club’s second appearance at the international tournament.

The Brisbane Hustlers are releasing their first-ever calendar to raise funds and help the club get there. Money raised out of the calendar sale will go towards supporting the club and its members on their journey to 2016 Bingham Cup.

Player and club brand manage, Dale Napier, stated: “Most of the guys were really nervous as they’ve never had a photo taken completely nude like this before – but once they saw how the images turned out they were ready to do it all again!”

He also expressed that he wanted to avoid standard calendar making style, and to better represent the club’s culture, he wanted colorful and striking imagery.

Napier said: “Most fundraising calendars go for a black and white “artsy” feel. We wanted to completely blow that cliché out of the water and make it really unique.”

Also, local LGBTI organisations will benefit from the calendar sale, since 10 percent of proceeds will be donated to Queensland AIDS Council (QuAC) and Open Doors Youth Service.

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Dallas police is searching for hate crime perpetrator after gay pride parade

According to the police reports, a man was attacked and robbed after the gay pride parade, on Sunday night. They are in active search for any valid information about the perpetrator, which attack was classified as a hate crime.

The incident occurred after the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, which crowded thousands to Oak Lawn’s Cedar Springs neighborhood on Sunday to provide support to the LGBT people.

The victim of dreadful attack, who is 29 year old, was walking to his friend’s place when he was attacked by group of four men at the intersection of Sylvester Street and Wycliff Avenue, after the gay pride parade, at about 9:15 p.m.

Police reported that the group of attackers used baseball bat, and their hands and feet, and stole his belongings.

The victim was later hospitalized with life-threatening injuries of fractured skull, a lot of cuts, bruises and abrasions. The doctors are saying that the victim is in stable condition at the moment.

Police reported that during the horrific assault, suspects were yelling “numerous derogatory statements referencing the victim’s perceived sexual orientation”, and that they are considering this to be a hate crime.

Anyone who hold any informations about the attack, or have any video evidence, is asked to report to Detective Arredondo at 214-671-3638.

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Mean jockstrap and milky butts

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Race Walker Tom Bosworth Opens Up Publicly

Tom Bosworth, the Team GB athlete and UK record holder for a 20km walk, publicly came out as gay recently. He opens up, explaining how he was experiencing homophobic abuse during his time at school in Tunbridge Wells. Bosworth blames it on “ignorance”.

For the BBC Sport blog, he wrote that he was the subject of homophobic harassment and taunts including “fag” and “queer” when competing in a local athletes competitions as a junior.

Bosworth said: “Sometimes, you have to be a bit thick-skinned about it all and I learned that lesson, sometimes literally, in school.”

He explained: “When I was 15 or 16, I thought I was gay and somehow word got around in school, leading to a really difficult period in my life. Teenagers can be really nasty and half the time they don’t even realise what they’re saying. It’s just ignorance, I guess.”

A group of lads used to gang up on me and the worst episode came when they smashed my head through a window after a run-in.” he added.

I decided not to tell anyone about it, so my parents or teachers didn’t know.”

I guess I was more worried about people blaming me than the students but I had the support of my friends to get me through that tough time.”

At one point, Bosworth stated that he feels no anger towards the bullies who attacked him at school, saying: “I don’t expect any apology from them. I don’t think they knew what they were doing or what they were saying.”

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British Vets launched new LGBT group for vet professionals

According to Politics Home, a new LGBT group’s goal is to provide support network to promote equality and fairness.

The new initiative supporting LGBT colleagues in the veterinary professions, called British Vets LGBT (BVLGBT), is getting support from The British Vets Association.

Mat Hennessey, veterinarian, started the new group after he noticed a banner displayed at this year’s LGBT London Pride Parade.

Hennessey said that the idea crossed his mind before, but after seeing the banner, he realised that there was actually a need for support for the LGBT community among veterinary professions.

BVLGBT is open to anyone who is studying or working in the veterinary field of practice, and wants to show support for LGBT rights. They already accumulated over 300 members.

Seeing that banner brought to the fore something that I had been aware of for some time. The need for a visible and supportive community for veterinary professionals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and the colleagues who want to support us and promote equality.” Hennessey said.

The British Vets Association President, John Blackwell, stated that he is supporting this initiative, saying: “This is a forward thinking and much needed initiative and one that BVA is proud to support.”

We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our LGBT colleagues and look forward to marching with them at Pride in London in June 2016, having achieved much in the coming year.” He added.

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Are you into wet hairy sexy guys

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